Immodesty Does Lead to Rape: Points the “Dress Doesn’t Matter” Feminists are Missing

Before you eat me alive and call me anti-scientific, let me assure you I’m familiar with the study showing that clothing worn by rape victims varies along the spectrum of immodest and modest alike. Let me also assure you that I believe men are accountable for their choices; that it’s never the fault of theRead more

Emulating the Godhead in the Pre-Mortal, Mortal, & Post-Mortal Existence

Overview: The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead. The Holy Ghost is a spirit, and shows us how to live in a premortal state. Those who prove worthy there eventually come to an earth to live. Jesus Christ is another member of the Godhead. Jesus Christ came to this earth 2000 years agoRead more

Modest Sexy Continuum

Thesis: Modesty is the opposite of sexy, you can’t have both. Sexuality shouldn’t be on public display, but should be reserved for married couples in private settings. Women shouldn’t seek to be the center of attention by their dress. The temple is a model of modesty we should emulate. Tight clothing is immodest, aka sexuallyRead more

New LDS 1st Presidency News Conference, 1-16-18, summary

New LDS 1st Presidency News Conference 1-16-18 summary by Nate Richardson Visible video by clicking here or at this URL: 7 Questions from news media groups responded to by the new LDS 1st Presidency: 1. How plan to respond to LGBT issues? 2. What plan to do to face issues? 3. ChurchRead more

Study Guide to the Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham by Allen Fletcher, summary and audio

A Study Guide to the Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham by Allen J Fletcher Summary and audio by Nate Richardson Updated 1-15-18 Audio version of this summary, click here or use this URL: The Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham are a part of The Pearl of Great Price. The PearlRead more

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder by LeGrand Richards, summary

For a video presentation of this article click here. -Luke 10:1 we are sent out 2 by 2 as them of old. We are who Jeremiah spoke of when he said I will send hunters to gather them from the rocks and the fishers to search and gather Israel. -Instruction in the New Testament notRead more

A Love Greater than Terminal Illness by Ensign Magazine – Full Text

  For official text and audio of this article at the church website, see by clicking here or by using this URL: A Love Greater Than Terminal Illness by Laura Welkes, Ensign Magazine 10-2017 Megan and Nate Richardson will tell you that happiness doesn’t come from your circumstances—it comes from your faith. A fewRead more

The Atonement of Jesus Christ: Can We Really Understand? by Donald W Parry, in video

The Atonement of Jesus Christ: Can We Really Understand? video by Donald W Parry 2009 BYU Education Week brought to you by Nate Richardson updated 1-8-18 This is one of the best descriptions of the Atonement of Jesus Christ I’ve ever heard. If any Christian is not in love with the old testament,Read more