The Solution to Pharaoh’s Dilemma: Overcoming Death

The authoritative solution to death is found from the prophets and temples…

Ideas based on a lecture by Hugh Nibley

Pharaoh was worried very much. He was not focused on death but on resurrection, on eternal life, not an eternal tomb. He was preoccupied about overcoming death he spent his days in the genealogical archives looking through files trying to see where he had Authority he wanted to imitate the ways of the Ancients like Noah and perform the rites and ordinances of eternal life he was heartbroken to find out that he could not find any link to this Authority in his genealogy and so he imitated Noah and created temples and these temples mimicked the order of the ancients.
The temples were the CenterPoint hierocentric center of the universe there a scale model of the universe; they are where we began to understand life after death you see this is the universal preoccupation of the human race, death. no one can get around it happens to everyone and so in the temples they prepared for the next life the prepared to be risen from the dead and they took upon themselves vestitures which would enable them so to do; of course these rituals were revealed by Angelic beings which came and showed them to Noah, Adam, et-cetera. And of course the temples are the perfect universities, the first observatories, etc.

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