Education Posts

Education Posts

2023 Education Posts

AP Government Textbooks Full Of Democratic Anti Trump Propaganda 05/21/2023

2023 Language Posts 2023

Duolingo: Morally Corrupt Pro-Homosexual Language Program 05/23/2023

2022 (none)

2021 Education Posts

Cleon Skousen: Prayer in Schools – Lecture Highlights 11/13/2021

~3 Books of Each Genre Suggested by Dr. Peter Kreeft 10/25/2021

The Debate Finisher on Sleep from D&C 123 09/17/2021

2020 Education Posts

Latter-day Saint Traditionalist University: Prominent Voices of Truth 11/10/2020

A Topical List of Progressive VS Traditionalist Philosophies: Awakening to the Great Divide 11/09/2020

Reasons Why I Homeschool: A Topical Introduction to a Zion Education 10/17/2020

2020 Church Education System Lecture with Elder Bednar – Lecture Notes 08/26/2020

Scriptures Study Techniques from Elder Bednar 03/29/2020

Language Learning Strategies & Resources 02/02/2020


2019 Education Posts

Professional Rules for Any Job 11/30/2019

Writing Academic Papers: 5 Step Beginners Guide 11/29/2019

Advice for Freshman College Students 11/29/2019

Keys to Successful Studying 11/29/2019

Joy: The Key to Learning 11/29/2019

Why We Study Various Key Fields 11/29/2019

Homeschool Forums 11/29/2019

Educational Resources 11/29/2019

The Ideal Classroom, Why we don’t Give Graded Homework, and Gospel Analogies 01/25/2019

2018 Education Posts

Little Sleep: What to Expect, How to Stay Awake, Polyphasic Sleep, Morning Routines 12/14/2018

Questions for the 1 Verse per Day Scripture Enthusiasts 12/13/2018

Steps to Making a Website 09/27/2018

Thou Shalt Keep a Journal – A Prophetic Mandate 09/12/2018

Careers Benefits of Nursing Track VS MD Track 09/08/2018

Learn Faster & Morning Routines by Jim Kwik – Lecture Notes 08/09/2018

The Temple as Model Schoolhouse 07/17/2018

How to Do What You Love: Philosophical Discussion on 3 Options For Vocation 07/23/2018

Selling the Soul to College: An Inevitable Eventual Defeat 06/16/2018

Prophets Say an Hour of Scripture Study Daily is Ideal 05/26/2018

Presentation: A Necessary Evil for the Sake of The Student: How and Why to Sell your Message 05/12/2018

Homeschool video clips from Blimey Cow 05/12/2018

National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) Facts 05/05/2018

Jack Monnett on Homeschooling & The Restored Church – Lecture Notes 04/29/2018

Celestial Education – Homeschooling in the Restored Church of Jesus Christ by Michelle Stone – Lecture Notes 04/28/2018

Public Education Fraud by Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief Excerpt 04/27/2018

Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal – Book Notes 04/11/2018

Technology to Tell the World of A Savior by Elder Stevenson, Summary 02/01/2018
Why Learn Languages 01/24/2018

Prophetic Council Regarding Scripture Study 01/27/2018

Car Magnets I’ve Made 01/27/2018

Reasons why we do Scripture Study in the MORNING 01/27/2018

Joseph Campbell Literature: Message of Myth, First Storytellers, Love & The Goddess, Hero’s Adventure, Sacrifice & Bliss, Masks of Eternity – Documentary Notes 01/25/2018

Mass Academic Corruption: APA Homosexual Parenting “Research” & Beyond 01/25/2018

Directing Youths about Vocation in non-harmful ways & the non-pop version of the idea that there is more to life than career 01/24/2018

Vocation analysis by Hugh Nibley from BofM/PoGP Lectures 01/24/2018

On Sleep: Wisdom & Courage from Prophets & Other Inspired Individuals 01/23/2018

Career Choice, LDS Quotes composition 01/17/2018

Low Budget Library 01/17/2018

Study Smarter Not Harder by Kevin Paul – Book Introduction Highlights 01/17/2018

2018 Language Posts

Why Learn Languages 01/24/2018