We are Wicked as Sodom – Prophet Quotes

-“…when I review the performance of this people in comparison with what is expected, I am appalled and frightened. Iniquity seems to abound. The Destroyer seems to be taking full advantage of the time remaining to him in this, the great day of his power. Evil seems about to engulf us like a great wave,Read more

The Law of the Gospel by Brad Wilcox – Full Text

From BYU Idaho Education Week, July 31, 2015 Text click here Video click here Over the last few days at Education Week we have learned much about the gospel, but what exactly is the gospel? The word comes from the Old English word godspell—god meaning good and spell meaning story or news. The gospel then means good news, butRead more

Addiction Recovery Plan

Treatment Plan Outline by Nate Richardson PDF version including several images and clearer organization: addiction treatment plan by nate richardson Treatment will involve extensive training on the nature of addiction, wherein the following, including some basic possible structures for recovery, will be taught and enforced. Table of Contents 10 Basic Concepts of Addiction Signs ofRead more

Scripture Study, LDS Quotes

Scripture Study LDS Quotes Compiled By Nate Richardson Updated 1-27-18 RichardsonStudies.com rrnmailbox@gmail.com -Studying one verse of scripture for 45 minutes is often the most enriching form of scripture study. (Elder Neil A. Maxwell of the 12 Aposltes; ask Stake President Chad R. Wilkenson of Saratoga Springs for the reference) -“Perhaps you may ask me whyRead more

Self Mastery, talk by Elder Russel M Nelson, summary

Self Mastery by Elder Russel M Nelson General Conference Oct 1985 Summary by Nate Richardson updated 1-20-18 richardsonstudies.com rrnmailbox@gmail.com Topics include health, exercise, word of wisdom, addiction, chastity For audio and video of this message, click here or use this URL: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1985/10/self-mastery?lang=eng -FASTING & CRAVINGS: “Fasting gives you confidence to know that your spirit canRead more

Revealed Social Principles found in The Restored Church of Jesus Christ

Revealed Social Principles found in The Restored Church of Jesus Christ Excerpts from a letter to a friend by Nate Richardson 2-2017 editor@richardsonstudies.com Topics herein treated include role of sex on earth and in heaven, the importance of marriage and reproduction on earth and in heaven, role of drugs, feminism, LDS leaders, homosexuality, Millennium, and someRead more

The Gospel of Consumerism: Babylon’s Replacement for Christ

The Gospel of Consumerism: Babylon’s Replacement for Christ (including beauty products & fashion as an alternative redemption) by Nate Richardson Updated 1-15-18 editor@richardsonstudies.com -For more critical info about this, see the film “The True Cost: Who Pays the Price for Our Clothes?” about the sweat shops which suffer for us to have cheep nice clothes.Read more

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder by LeGrand Richards, summary

For a video presentation of this article click here. -Luke 10:1 we are sent out 2 by 2 as them of old. We are who Jeremiah spoke of when he said I will send hunters to gather them from the rocks and the fishers to search and gather Israel. -Instruction in the New Testament notRead more

Medical Marijuana recipients required to turn over firearms

Medical Marijuana recipients required to turn over firearms by Nate Richardson updated 1-4-18 rrnmailbox@gmail.com richardsonstudies.com They class you as mentally unstable and use it to take your firearms when you receive medical marijuana. No wonder the left is pushing legal pot. In 3rd world countries they’ve used food shortage as leverage, saying trade in yourRead more