Hope of Israel: Youth Battalion of the Lord in the ‘Very Latter Days’ by President Nelson, 2018 – Lecture Notes

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Calling The Youth Battalion of the Lord in The Very Latter Days by President and Sister Nelson

Worldwide Devotional to the Youth, June 2018, “Hope of Israel”

Topics: For the Strength of Youth standards, giving up idle time, gathering Israel as most important event of earth at this time, your life purpose to gather Israel, reality of “latter” day


Sister Wendy Nelson:

-Perhaps these latter-days are more “latter” than we ever imagined

-We made agreements with not only God in premortality, but our teachers and mentors.

-Do whatever it takes to fulfill your missions which you were sent to earth to fulfill.

-Perhaps these latter-days are more “latter” than we ever imagined. In 2013 in Moscow Russia, 100 sisters were in a meeting. I asked those present to stand by lineage as declared in Patriarchal Blessing. All tribes were present except Levi in that small group, and later an Elder from Arizona was there who belonged to the tribe of Levi. In the last days the 12 tribes will be gathered. I saw all 12 within a 24 hour period.

President Russel M Nelson:

-The Gathering of Israel is offering the gospel to everyone on both sides of the veil. They can chose weather they accept or not.

-God has reserved his finest team, the best players, the greatest heroes, for these final hours. You are them. The Gathering of Israel is the greatest event taking place on earth at this time. You can make less mistakes than those who went before you. The hymn “Hope of Israel” is all about you.

-Learn how to receive revelation and you’ll have all the direction you’ll ever need in your life. The Gathering of Israel is the reason you were sent to this earth at this time.

-“If there were no Book of Mormon, the Gathering of Israel WOULD NOT OCCUR.”

-President Kimball asked those at a meeting of Saints to learn Chinese. President Nelson went home and told his wife he didn’t hear Kimball say “everyone except Russel Nelson”, so he invited his wife to learn Chinese with him, and they hired a tutor, and blessings came from it.

-I am getting ready to give an accounting to Joseph Smith Brigham Young and the other prophets of the church and ultimately the Lord. I don’t want them to ask me why I didn’t make the youth’s part in the gathering more clear, and enlist them in the gathering. So now, I enlist you.

-Things you could do to help Gather Israel are disengaging from constant reliance on social media doing a 7 day fast from it giving yourself a “7 day break from fake”, finding answers to people’s questions in the scriptures, spending less time hanging out with friends, helping more in the home, inviting friends to go to the temple with you, loaning a Book of Mormon to a friend, eating healthy foods, etc. For 3 weeks give up something you like to do and spend that time helping someone else.

-Anything you do to bring people closer to baptism and other covenants is gathering Israel.

-You have very different standards than the world to help you stay clean of the stain of the world. If you’re sometimes called “wired” be glad that you are shining brightly. Embrace being different.

-The Lord expects all his youth to uphold the standards in “The Strength of Youth”. Prayerfully study this like never before, live your standards with more exactness. If you want to be in the Lord’s battalion, give a copy of this booklet to one of your friends who doesn’t know about your standards or who doesn’t live them.

Pray daily that all of Gods children might receive the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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