Religion Posts

Religion Posts:

2023 Religion Posts

*Highlights from Seer Stone v. Urim & Thummim: The Book of Mormon Translation on Trial by Hannah & James Stoddard 

*Highlights from “Faith Crisis Vol. 1: We Were Not Betrayed,” Answering “Did the LDS Church Lie?” by Hannah & James Stoddard – Defending Progressive Historian Attacks on the Character & Teachings of Joesph Smith 

Alma Allred & Bruce R McConkie: Elohim & Jehovah Aren’t Such Rigid Titles 06/19/2023

Is the Jesus of Mormonism the Jesus of the Bible? Alma Allred Debate Notes 06/19/2023

What is Truth? Alma Allred Debate Notes 06/19/2023

16 Reasons Why Adam & God are Separate 06/19/2023

*Highlights from J. Max Anderson’s book “The Polygamy Story: Fact & Fiction” – Refuting Fundamentalist Authority Claims 06/19/2023

Overview of the Role of Adam as Father & Head of Patriarchal Holy Order of THIS World, but NOT over Christ   06/01/2023

Can Men Become Gods? James White (Baptist) vs Martin Tanner (LDS) – Debate Notes 05/29/2023

The Scale of Each Eternity as Salvation of a Galaxy, the Future Inheritance of the Faithful as Presiding God’s with the Same Keys, Calling a Godhead for Each Eternity, One Eternal Round 05/29/2023

Thoughts on Why the New Youth Pamphlet and Related Changes in the Church – Changes Toward the “Higher & Holier Way” without Falling into “Anything Goes” Pitfalls, Emphasizing Parental Leadership – 4.23.23 04/24/2023

2022 Religion Posts

Pre-Existence by Ogden Kraut – Book Highlights 11/10/2022

The Gift of Dreams by Ogden Kraut – Book Highlights 11/08/2022

Plural Marriage in the Bible by Ogden Kraut – Book Highlights 09/12/2022

Celestial (Plural) Marriage by Orson Pratt – Highlights 09/12/2022

Abraham’s Plural Marriages: Resolving Concerns 08/25/2022

Problems with Michelle Stone’s “132 Problems” Lecture Series Against Plural Marriage 08/25/2022

The Angel with the Drawn Sword: Legitimate & Theologically Congruent 08/25/2022

David’s Plural Marriage: Comparing Jacob 2 and D&C 132 08/25/2022

Biblical Concubines as a Command of God 08/25/2022

Q&A with Jesse Fisher, Author of “Champions for Zion” on Teachings of Early LDS Leaders on Building Zion Economically & Otherwise 06/20/2022

Don’t Be Your Best Self, Live Through Christ: Thoughts, Scriptures, Linguistics, Etc. 06/20/2022

2021 Religion Posts

Plural Marriage in the Torah 12/28/2021

Sustaining Church Leaders & Following Conscience 12/14/2021
Overview of Plural Marriage as an Eternal Celestial Blessing 12/03/2021
Kimberly Smith Plural Marriage & The Patriarchal Order as Honoring and Exalting Women 12/03/2021

Hyrum Andrus: The Creations of God, Worlds Without Number – Lecture Highlights 11/29/2021

Cleon Skousen Highlights the Life of J Reuben Clark 11/03/2021

Cleon Skousen – Meaning of the Atonement Lecture – Highlights 10/30/2021

Cleon Skousen – Ancient Scripture Lecture – Highlights 10/30/2021

David Hocking Annotated Series Highlights – Book of Mormon, Jasher, Isaiah 10/25/2021

Selected Images from David Hocking’s Annotated Book of Mormon: Overwhelming Evidence for the North American Setting 10/19/2021

Hurlbut: The Corrupt Source of the Sources on “Magical Treasure Stone” Joseph Smith 10/01/2021

Adoption, Sealings, Blood Lines, Fathers, Mothers, Levirate Law, Plural Marriage: An Overview 09/27/2021

On the Doctrinal Validity of Joseph Smith Papers, Journal of Discourses, “Saints” Histories, Etc. 09/16/2021

Hugh Nibley: Pros & Cons (Mostly Pros) 09/16/2021

Dividing Light from Darkness: People Theory 09/06/2021

Adam Was 1st Flesh on Earth (Before Animals): Scriptural Analysis 09/06/2021

JST Insights on Garden of God vs Garden of Eden, & What Took Place in Each: Answers Adam God Questions 08/30/2021

Suggestions for Bishops 08/09/2021

No, The Holy Ghost Didn’t Used to Have A Body 08/09/2021

Evidence that Plural Marriage was Practiced in the Book of Mormon 08/04/2021

2020 Religion Posts

On Situational Ethics: Oh No You Don’t! 12/18/2020

General Conference Highlights: October 2020 10/04/2020

Time Changer – Movie Review 05/11/2020

Beware Persecution From Inside the Church – Prophetic Warnings 03/30/2020

Versions of the Talmud 03/30/2020

Know, Not Just Believe 03/30/2020

Nephites in Europe: Quest for the Nephite Remnant by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes 03/23/2020

Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & The Lost Tribes of the North by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes 03/23/2020

Where is Joseph Smith in the Bible? Come and See 03/16/2020

A Few Notes on Joseph Smith 03/16/2020

Whisperings: The Still Small Voice of Conscience: Essay by Joel Skousen 03/15/2020

Carrying the Gospel to the “Heathen” Nations 02/17/2020


2019 Religion Posts

What we won’t give up, keeping us from Zion 12/26/2019

Testimony: Bearing the Weight, Why We Aren’t Raptured Upon Conversion, & Some Q&A 12/26/2019

I Believe: Part 3 12/26/2019

I Believe: Part 2 12/26/2019

I Believe: Part 1 12/26/2019

President Hinckley Outlines our Top Priorities 12/26/2019

Trusting Personal Revelation (Over well-meaning words of Respected Others) 12/26/2019

Polygamy’s Ancient Purpose & Legal History 12/24/2019

Without Vision, The People Perish: Reaching for Higher Fulfilment 11/30/2019

God’s People are His Glory: A Key to Knowledge of Eternity 11/24/2019

Possible Hebrew Meaning of Genesis 3:1 11/24/2019

Effective Co-Creators: Everyday Saviors on Mount Zion 11/24/2019

Emulating the Godhead in the Pre-Mortal, Mortal, & Post-Mortal Existence 11/24/2019

Agency Begins with Saying No 11/23/2019

What are The Millennium & Heaven Like? Eternal Sunday? Boring? 11/16/2019

Straining at Particles of Light: Premortal Life and the Mansions of Memory by Terryl Givens – Lecture Notes 11/16/2019

Priesthood 03/02/2019

Obedience to God Can Bring Seemingly Unrelated Blessings 03/02/2019

Joining The Church: Salvation, Alcohol, & Sexual Chastity 02/15/2019

2018 Religion Posts

How Beautiful are the Feet 12/20/2018

The God of Individualized Contracts 11/21/2018

Life is a Pickle 11/21/2018

Adoption To The Household of the Gods 11/10/2018

To Obey is Better than Sacrifice: The Secret Code for Valiant Service, & A List of Some Commandments & Councils 11/09/2018
Man is Become As God: Spiritual Capitalism & Why Life is Hard 11/03/2018

Creation Fall & Atonement Narrative 11/03/2018

Forgiveness & Tolerance 10/20/2018

Prayers, Answers, & Leading the Children in Prayer 10/20/2018

The Crucible of Doubt by Terryl & Fiona Givens – Book Notes 09/20/2018

A Great Terror: Decreasing Sabbath Observance & Scriptural Awareness 09/12/2018

Power of the Restoration: A Firm Foundation of Faith 09/12/2018

On Conspiracy & Staying in The Church: Responding to Christian Markham’s Two Churches Only Vol. 2 09/10/2018

Belief and Knowledge unto Obedience 08/02/2018

Magnifying Your Calling in the Church & Your Calling in the Gospel 07/25/2018

Heavenly Father has a Father, as Taught by the Prophets 07/17/2018

Biblical Context of Latter-day Saint Doctrine, a House Divided Principle, & The Achilles Heel of Preferring Past Prophets to Modern Prophets 07/13/2018

Multiculturalism and leaving Babylon culture for higher like fat man leaves and looses taste for junk food 07/07/2018

Christ Symbols in Animal Sacrifice of the Law of Moses 07/07/2018

The Prophet Joseph Smith: More Than We Know by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes 06/30/2018

The Gospel of Creation Theory 06/22/2018

Why Bad things Happen to Good People? God Isn’t a Nanny Parent 06/16/2018

Why Satan does what he does based on Intelligence and Physics, excerpt from Hiding in Plain Sight by Ken Bowers 06/16/2018

Be One: Celebrating Priesthood for Africans – Lecture Notes 06/02/2018

God’s People are His Glory 05/21/2018

The Essential Foot Soldier 04/20/2018

Exponential Exaltation via Childbearing 02/18/2018

Taking Care of Others Before Yourself: Excerpts from “Fear Not to Do Good” By Henry B. Eyring 03/14/2018

Magnifying Our Callings Unto Salvation 03/14/2018

Why our Society is going to Hell 02/28/2018

The Need to Defend Truth by Elder Christofferson to Religious Educators – Lecture Notes 02/23/2018

Ministering: Friendly Missionary Work – A Joy, A Cross, A Time Travel Analogy, & Going Beyond Servitude 02/23/2018

A House Full Of Females: Plural Marriage And Women’s Rights In Early Mormonism by Laurel Ulrich, Notes 02/21/2018

Point-Blank Accountability 02/21/2018

Wickedness is Happiness, Sometimes? The Justice of God and the Nature of the Soul 02/05/2018

Should we Limit our Studies to General Authorities & Conferences? 02/05/2018

Consequences of Rejecting the Prophets, Including Less Access to the Word of God 02/05/2018

Why am I a Latter-day Saint? Personal Revelation. 02/05/2018

What Constitutes Doctrine – An Explanation from the Prophets 02/05/2018

Commandments and Councils List 02/05/2018

Tithing as taught by the Prophets 02/05/2018

Power of the Restoration: A Firm Foundation of Faith: Finally! A Good Taste in our Mouths for Religion! Welcome to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ 02/01/2018

The Solution to Pharaoh’s Dilemma: Overcoming Death 02/01/2018

The Only True Church 02/01/2018

Oneness of God, Fall of Adam, & Atonement of Christ 02/01/2018

*The Mortal Messiah (all 4 volumes) by Bruce R. McConkie – Book Notes 02/01/2018

The Church of the Firstborn as Taught by the Prophets 02/01/2018

Special Witnesses of Christ: Prophets Know Him 02/01/2018

Scriptural Serpent Symbol : Christs Truth & Satans Imitation 01/27/2018

Scriptural List of the Abominations of Babylon 01/27/2018

Emphasize service, brotherhood, & grass-roots-education; de-emphasize careerism, status seeking, & hoop-jumping 01/27/2018

Sabbath is Not for Commerce or Sport: PMG Standard 01/27/2018

We face the frightening thought of a generation raised without any contact with scripture -Boyd Packer 01/27/2018

Why God Sometimes Instructs His People To Kill 01/27/2018

Pride and Humility: The Universal Problem and the Universal Solution 01/27/2018

Pre-Mortality – Words of the Prophets 01/26/2018

Personal Glimpses of the Prophet Joseph Smith, by H. & H. Andrus, summary & audio 01/25/2018

Prophets Teach Obedience 01/25/2018

Preguntas Y Respuesas Basicas En Cuanto De Como Vivo Me Fe 01/25/2018

Basic Q & A On Living One’s Faith As A Latter-day Saint 01/25/2018

Living Beneath Our Privileges 01/24/2018

Literal Resurrection of Christ & All 01/24/2018

The Possibility of Pure Joy: Our Greatest Fear 01/24/2018

Joseph Smith brief note 01/24/2018

Isaiah Class by Byron Merrill by BYU – Notes 01/24/2018

Ancient Rod of Aaron Used in Our Day by Oliver Cowdry: An Instrument of Revelation Testifying of Christ 01/24/2018

Increased Accountability and Expectation of the Latter-day Saints: Extra-Biblical Scripture & Exaltation (Theosis) 01/24/2018

Pre-Mortality, Corporal Resurrection, & Eternal Family 01/24/2018

Joy Analysis by Hugh Nibley from Book of Mormon & Pearl of Great Price Lectures 01/23/2018

Approaching Zion: To Our Glory or To Our Condemnation by Hugh Nibley – Lecture Notes 01/22/2018

Hebrew eyes seeing the Parables of Jesus by Amy Jill Levine – Lecture Notes 01/22/2018

Grace 01/22/2018

Godhead Discussion 01/22/2018

Non-Predestination aspect of Gods Agentive Servants 01/22/2018

Free Forever to Act for Themselves by Elder D. Todd Christofferson – Excerpt 01/22/2018

Faithlessness: Our #1 Problem, & How Faith Hope and Charity Lead to Salvation 01/22/2018

Self-Mastery by Elder Russel M Nelson – Lecture Notes 01/20/2018

Exaltation Theory 01/19/2018

Exaltation Analysis 01/19/2018

Exaltation as Taught by the Prophets 01/19/2018

Taste The Fruits of the Spirit 01/19/2018

Courageous Faith 01/18/2018

First Presidency Christmas Devotional 2014 – Lecture Notes 01/17/2018

Building the Great Great Cathedrals, summary 01/17/2018

Build an Highway to Zion: The Redemptive Life of Moving Mountains 01/17/2018

The 7 Deadly Heresies by Elder Bruce R McConkie – Lecture Notes 01/17/2018

Brad Wilcox Lecture Notes 01/17/2018

Baptism 01/17/2018

The Atonement of Jesus Christ As Taught by the Prophets 01/17/2018

Angels to buoy up the Servants of the Lord 01/17/2018

400 Questions & Answers about the New Testament by Susan Easton Black – Book Notes 01/12/2018

The Atonement of Jesus Christ: Can We Really Understand? by Donald W Parry, link to video 01/08/2018

Why We Need a Savior: God’s Plan vs. Lucifer’s Tyranny by Elder D. Todd Christofferson (“A Message at Christmas” 2017 BYU Devotional) 01/08/2018

We live in a Post-Christian Society by Elder Quinton L Cook 01/08/2018

We All Bleed The Same: Healing America Version by Alex Boye, Music Video 01/03/2018

Planted: Belief and Belonging in an age of Doubt, by Patrick Mason – Book Notes 01/01/2018

Godhead, Kingdoms, and Family as Types of Progression 01/01/2018