Family Posts

Family Posts

2023 Family/Social Posts

*The 7 Principles of Successful Marriage by John Gottman, PhD – Book Highlights & Commentary 

*Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, & Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life – Highlights & Commentary 

*How to Win the Culture War – The Christian Battle Plan for a Society in Crisis by Peter Kreeft a Catholic Philosophy Professor – Book Highlights & Commentary 06/30/2023
IN MEMORY OF OUR CHILDREN! June is Life month, celebrating the overturning of Roe v Wade 06/18/2023

Frozen Movie: Unthawing the Pro Gay, Anti-Religion Propaganda 06/02/2023

Duolingo: Morally Corrupt Pro-Homosexual Language Program 05/23/2023

2022 Family/Social Posts

Joel Skousen World affairs brief 11.18.22 on plural marriage rights, and the failure compromise that Christians just bought into with the gay rights bill in the senate 12/03/2022

Help For Parenting Children who are Depressed & Suicidal – Adjustments in Family Standards (8.7.22) 08/08/2022

When Diagnosis and Medication are Possibly Good 06/20/2022

Dealing the that VERY Difficult Child: A Sanctifying Mindset Helps 01/18/2022

Kissing for Marriage, Not Dating 01/18/2022


2021 Family/Social Posts

Family Tribe Unity: Taking Back The Rituals: Some (Radical?) Old School Parenting Tips 10/29/2021

Bedtime: Tips to Help with The Chronic Struggle, Looking Back to the Past 10/29/2021

Learn from the Best Parents: Joseph Smith Sr.’s Daily Family Devotionals 10/29/2021

Corruption of The Mental Health Victim Culture 09/16/2021

Popular Speakers Rebuking The Saints for Utah Statistics? 09/16/2021

Why Children (and Adults) Fall Away from The Church 01/23/2021


2020 Family/Social Posts

Restoration of the Beard 12/26/2020

Does God Wear Clothes, or is Modesty Just from Satan in Eden? 12/26/2020

As Sisters in Babylon 09/27/2020

Dear BYU President Worthen, Stop Campus Immodesty 04/14/2020

Therapy in Action: The Nature of Addiction, & Recovery Steps: Desire, Will, Work, Relationships, & Grace 02/16/2020

Residential Treatment Centers: Leveling Systems, Dress Codes, & Safety Advantages 02/16/2020

A Beautiful Mind – Movie Take Home Messages 02/16/2020

On Using Alternate Methods to Cast Out Demons in the Mental Health Field 02/16/2020

What Should be the Legal Limits of Parental Discipline? 02/01/2020

Parenthood: The Eternal Fountain of Glory 02/01/2020

The Parent Child Relationship in the Hereafter 02/01/2020

Losing Your Children and Eternal Procreative Power Upon Disobedience 02/01/2020

Modern Prophets Discourage Delaying Childbirth 02/01/2020

Prophets Discourage Anger 02/01/2020

Rules of Civility in the Honorable Home 02/01/2020

The Revelatory Function of a Parent 02/01/2020

Expect Great Things of Young People 01/31/2020

The Effects of Family of Origin on an Individual’s Attachment Preferences 01/28/2020

Example of Rules for Family with Young Children by Meg Richardson 01/27/2020

Do They Grow Up Too Fast? Gospel Truths Dispel Dismay 01/27/2020

The 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and how to Avoid Them by Randal A. Wright, PhD 01/27/2020

7 Mistakes LDS Parents Make by Mark Ogletree PhD, LDS Living Magazine 01/27/2020

Crazy Things People (Always) Say When They Hear of a ‘Stay at Home’ Mom 01/27/2020

Homemaking a ‘Real Job’: One Mother’s Response 01/27/2020

13 Discipline Principles by Jonathan Swinton, Therapist – LDS Living Magazine 01/27/2020

Politically Correct VS Polite, & How Microaggression Isn’t Aggressive at All 01/13/2020


2019 Family/Social Posts

Praying for Grace Against the Odds: Episode of a Man’s Deliverance from a Mental Hospital 12/26/2019

No Sexual Perversions in Marriage 12/24/2019

Moral Expression by Marriage and Childbearing 12/24/2019

Forgiveness for Sexual Sin: Purity Through Christ 12/24/2019

Resolution of Teenage Delinquency through Independent Family Structures 12/24/2019

Holy Inertia: How & Why Return Missionaries ‘Hit the Ground Running’ (Toward Marriage) 12/24/2019

How Cohabitation and Low Birthrates Hurt Homes & Nations 12/24/2019

Natural Love Resulting in Childbirth: The Highest Romantic Expression 12/23/2019

Assorted Resources on Marriage Etc. 12/23/2019

Marriage Forums 12/23/2019

The Family: A Proclamation to the World 1995 12/22/2019

Woman Obeys God Instead of Homosexual Inclinations – Video 12/22/2019

The True Godhead Includes Gender 12/19/2019

The ‘God Loves All Lifestyles Equally’ Fallacy: A Letter to a Friend with Same Sex Attraction 12/19/2019

The Men’s Rights Movement 12/19/2019

“No man can love another man as much as I love Joseph.” – Brigham Young 12/19/2019

Baseline Rules for Righteous Parenting 11/30/2019

Public Schools Exposing Kids to Improper & Godless Sex 11/30/2019

Clean Language 11/25/2019

Dress Sharp 11/25/2019

Male Hairstyles – Prophetic Counsel 11/25/2019

Giving Up Immodesty Can Be an Abrahamic Trial for Women 11/25/2019

History of Fashion 11/25/2019

Modest Swimwear Companies 11/25/2019

Modesty Forums 11/25/2019

10 reasons Latter-day Saints are Known for Marrying Young 05/11/2019

Grow Where You Are Planted: Why to Stop Moving Everywhere 03/02/2019

The Anti-Socialist: Applied Fields 03/02/2019

The Way of The True Man 03/02/2019

How Children Benefit From Having Many Siblings 02/16/2019

Can Heaven Be Better Than Marriage? 02/15/2019

The Condemnation of Modern Mental Health Science, & a Gospel Based Family Oriented Alternative to Our Perpetually Broken System 01/24/2019


2018 Family/Social Posts

Revoked Parenthood in the Hereafter If Abusive & Faithless 12/14/2018

Jordan Peterson Videos & Notes 12/14/2018

Objective Beauty 11/15/2018

Universal Tolerance Debunked: Earning Respect & God’s Universal Standards by Joel Skousen 11/15/2018

The Forgotten Dream of Family Life 11/04/2018

The Doctrine of Opportune Moments: Priorities of a Successful Saint 10/15/2018

On Godhead and Gender Fluidity: How Satan Desensitizes Us Against Truth 09/27/2018

Saving the Human Race by Family Centered Life Plans: A Guide for the Aspiring Charitable Heart 09/22/2018

Give me a State of Refuge! The Dangers of Federal Homosexuality Laws 09/20/2018

Childbearing 09/12/2018

Family Mission Plan Example 09/09/2018

Developmental Outline Sketch for Raising Children 09/09/2018

Strict Parenting 08/09/2018

Gentle Parenting – Quotes of the Prophets 08/09/2018

Top 3 Types of Crazy to Look for In Dating  07/25/2018

How to Communicate with Your Spouse 07/23/2018

Family Council Meetings 07/23/2018

Keeping a Latter-day Saint Marriage Alive: Q&A 07/23/2018

Q&A On Exalted Persons being served by their children, and The Eternal Ownership of a Parent to its Child 07/07/2018

Try to be close to God & The Church While Confronting Same Sex Attraction: Letter to a Friend 06/25/2018

Invisible Mother (Building a Cathedral) by Nicole Johnson – Full Text Article 05/14/2018

Dating: When & How video clips. A Mature and Christian Perspective by Blimey Cow 05/12/2018

Creating and choosing love vs finding love: A Question of Agency Resolved 05/11/2018

Brotherly Love VS Homosexuality: Hope & Healing 05/11/2018

Lust Not: 13 Steps to Disarming the Devil’s Lies about Sex 05/11/2018

Therapist VS Father as Saviors of Mankind: A Peculiar Family Size Theory 05/05/2018

Heavenly Mother as Nucleus of the Universe 04/11/2018

Principles of Priority Family Creation as being Analogous to The Fall and Atonement 04/09/2018

Fruits of the Romantic Evolution of Marriage: 21st Century Turmoil 04/08/2018

Early Marriage and Parenthood Theory 04/08/2018

Family and Godhead in the Plan of Salvation, PDF 04/07/2018

Joel Skousen note on Parenting 03/15/2018

Immodesty is Idol Worship: A Linear Derivative 03/14/2018

Morality in Exchange for Equality: Ironic Feminism 03/01/2018

Exponential Exaltation via Childbearing 02/18/2018

Children: An Heritage (Inheritance) of (from) The Lord: What & Why is a Parent here & in Eternity 02/12/2018

The Seven Archangels Identity Theory, Including Joseph Smith 02/02/2018

Do’s and Don’t of Pre-Marital Dating Touch 02/01/2018

Temple Marriage Importance 02/01/2018

Swear Not At All: Considering Home and Vocational Duties 02/01/2018

Disarming The Devil’s Lies about Sex 02/01/2018

Stop Normalizing Homosexuality in Media: A Heroic Example 02/01/2018

Soulmate fiction -by Spencer W Kimball 02/01/2018

Snoop Dogg: Targeting Kids for Delinquency, another recent episode, Mock Shooting The President 02/01/2018

Sex-Ed “Bean Up The Nose” Reaction 02/01/2018

Religious Freedom and homosexuality: Battles Won & Lost 01/27/2018

Relationship accountants forgetting how to fall in love by Dr. Jason Carroll, BYU 01/27/2018

Parent 01/25/2018

Paired dating stage 01/25/2018

Family Based Duties & Priorities For All 01/25/2018

Mass Academic Corruption: APA Homosexual Parenting “Research” & Beyond 01/25/2018

Modesty as Taught by the Prophets 01/25/2018

Marriage and Dating 01/25/2018

Male and Female as Family and Friends 01/25/2018

Fighting For Zion-esque Fatherhood & Beauty in a Brutal Babylon 01/24/2018

A Woman’s Priesthood Honor – Quotes of the Prophets 01/24/2018

Immorality called Culture, Social Critics Missing the Mark 01/24/2018

Agency in Marriage Selection 01/24/2018

Heart to the Fathers, not to Secularism: How remembering our Ancestors can Save our Souls 01/22/2018

Parenthood: The Eternal Fountain of Glory 01/22/2018

Female Privilege Exists 01/22/2018

One is not the Same, Differences allowed in Togetherness and Marriage 01/19/2018

Dating: Definition, Intentional Method, Timing & Touch 01/19/2018

Daughters in My Kingdom: Relief Society – Book Highlights 01/18/2018

Love is Created, Not Found 01/18/2018

Emotional before Passionate Intimacy 01/18/2018

Restored Social Principles 01/17/2018

Birth Control 01/17/2018

Brent L. Top on Family, sampler 01/17/2018

Beauty as Taught by the Prophets 01/17/2018

Abortion 01/15/2018

A Place for Sorrow 01/15/2018

A Love Greater than Terminal Illness by Ensign Magazine – Full Text 01/15/2018

Priority Parenting and Family Structure 01/01/2018

Free Range Kids video clips & Lenore Skenazi 01/01/2018

10 Foster Parenting Myths 01/01/2018