Exaltation Theory

It’s hard to work for God and man at the same time; they both expect you to give so much, but you have to do it.

no matter who you are you must become a good philosopher that’s in part what the Apostles are; they explain things with much wisdom (though they do so with power and authority, not like the scribes).

I also learned this- that one day I (we) will have all knowledge, and see the negative and positive effects of everything I’ve done in my life through eternity. Surely the good must overpower the bad being so much larger if I am to hope for exaltation. This is what I see: the negative I’ve done and do has its effects; those are exponential as one thing effects another; on the other hand the good works exponentially as well. I need to do so much good that it overpowers the bad. That it fills all existence with so much persuasion, so much gentleness, so much pure love, that it reaches into the far depths of the pain that I have caused, and brings divine healing there. I think that this is the only way for a person to enter into exaltation. The place where Jesus Christ’s Atonement comes in is making you a good person as you apply unto it. This accounts for everything; this accounts for justice, for it’s no mere sweeping away of the consequences of your negative actions. It also would have the effect of making a person an eternal judge; an eternal just judge that is; this means that a person will have this encompassing good effect. It means that he can be trusted by all of his creations. He may have been born again by the help of the Atonement, indeed such shall be the case for all who reach exaltation. They are fully pure, powerful, compassionate, and with time, as the reach exaltation, good has so much of an effect flowing out from them that it eliminates all the bad, the good having a reverberating and exponential and Frisbee effect on a person. Good brings more good like something pulling on another, perhaps like a magnet. Now there is the question of Jesus, how did he live a perfect life in mortality? He was already purified before he came to this earth. He had already worked out his salvation according to eternal gospel principles. Why would we spurn at the idea of a person having processed to this status before being born onto this earth? Is it not possible for a person to progress in pre-mortality? Yes, it is. Jesus Christ was one who was able to make it full circle in pre-mortality. He was that gifted. That is why he was who he was. That is why he was selected as the engine of God’s gospel for us who have not progressed to the point that he has. God saw that Jesus Christ had progressed full circle in the pre-earth life, and hence he became the first born son of God in the Spirit; he was the first of all the spirits under the direction of God to progress full circle, to use intelligence to progress to perfection. That is why he was the first born in the spirit of God. Is it now written that man was also in the beginning with God? You see, as a man progresses, in intelligence and goodness, he is more capable of helping others to progress. It’s an eternal understanding that seems to be so at home to us- namely that when we find something we love, we always want to share it with others. When we have progressed, we will seek to aid others in their progression above all else. Now hear this, don’t hate yourself because you have not come full circle yet like Jesus Christ has. Don’t be angry about how you are not yet a pure stream of good which fills all space by its exponential behavior. Rather appreciate the experiences you are having, and realize that every God in all eternity has gone through breathtakingly similar experiences as you are going through at this present time. You have made some mistakes via misuse of your intelligence, seeking to jump when you should have waited for more refinement and stability. Or perhaps your mistake was in waiting when you should have jumped. Either way, your mistakes are manifestations of holes in your character and understanding and practice in performance or intelligence, and you must continue onward, correcting your ways, eliminating the ill tendencies in your soul and replacing them rather with good tendencies. Gods in all of eternity are carved out of a rough mountain side, and by and by they become smooth, or perfect. Those who have already become Gods are those who have yielded their intelligence to light and submitted their agency unto applied intelligence. And I tell you this also, there is nothing more humiliating than an awareness that you have a certain level of intelligence but that you are not using it. That is a terrible way to live, although it is the way most of us submit to doing. I also tell you this key, that is that you need to train yourself to react to difficult situations and even failures with humility. You need to slow down and stop to think about where you are and how you got there, and what you are going to do to bring some goodness to the situation. Now remember this- dispute your errors, should you continue to develop, you can reach the status of Jehovah and Elohim. In other words, you can be a person who is without guilt from all eternity past to all eternity present. This I say because once you have refined yourself to a certain state, you are become an unchangeable thing. You no matter which direction you walk in, you will emanate or radiate good, perfect good, complete good, perfect justice, perfect understanding, perfect wisdom, everything perfect. You will have become a being who is unable to commit error because of the spirit he has listed to, and the laws which govern his creature. Making worlds etc. are only the beginning to exaltation. Exaltation is the realization of every hope your soul has ever known. Now you may ask of this point, well what if my soul has hoped for evil in a certain period? Will I get to indulge? No, because your hope for an evil thing was really a hope for a good thing, for humans are only capable of hoping for good things. Every hope for an evil thing is in reality a hope for a good thing, but seeking to obtain that good thing via corrupt means, usually connotating a short cut, or less skill than the correct way would require. Hope is good. There is no such thing as bad hope or hope for bad things. When a person does not have hope for good things, he is not really experiencing hope. He is experiencing immaturity and squandered intelligence. He is experiencing a lack of patience and understanding. He is expressing his damnation, or in other words, his unwillingness to progress. His insisting that he receive the reward of justice while not going through the step which lead to such. Now I teach you this: Lucifer in the pre-earth life had not come full circle like Jehovah had. Lucifer had reached a certain point, a high point indeed, and then ceased to be willing to continue in light truth and intelligence patience and all that is required of progressing spirit beings and all their potential. Yes, I tell you, Lucifer shunned at the experience of Atonement, and was not willing to embrace the eternal truth that a good being/person loses himself in every sense for the progression of those around him. This is the point where Lucifer fell, at the time just before his perfection and full circle. That is why he is such a powerful being. He has much (although not all) intelligence. When I speak of intelligence, pure intelligence, it of a necessity constitutes doing the correct thing (it’s not just knowing what the correct thing is). At any rate, I tell you that Lucifer may not have been at almost full circle/exaltation, though he was high in rank, he was lacking in many aspects. In the pre-mortal life, the more intelligent thing to do was to follow the gospel of God. This is the most pure type of intelligence, that we do what is right. And following the gospel of God, his teachings, was for us, in the pre-mortal sphere, an expression of how we valued exaltation, or circles, completions, for we saw God and chose to peruse the path that would lead us to becoming like him. Yes, the path that would allow our spirits to progress along the course of light and truth and virtue. Now Lucifer has grown in his learning, and indeed he knows much of what is taught at schools. His intelligence in that respect is massive, even beyond our comprehension. But his intelligence in the aspect of the most pure form of intelligence, namely that he would follow the most bright light if you will, this is an area of intelligence wherein you and I, residents of this earth who continue in progression in characteristics resembling those which God possesses, far exceed that of Lucifer. Because of this progression, we have bodies. That is part of the progression. Lucifer never reached that point in progression. All with bodies have progressed further in eternity than has Lucifer or any of his other followers who do not have bodies. You see persons with bodies have power over those who do not, and this is because they are further along in their pursuit of intelligence. The damnation of a soul is like a river that has been ceased in its course by the making of a wall in its pathway. Damnation of a person comes when they refuse to continue onward, and put a wall in their own path. No one puts this wall in but themselves, and it is a conscious act (and the consciousness of that action is one which far too many people are willing to admit (which is to say, don’t think that just because someone doesn’t recognize that they are damning themselves does not mean that they are damning themselves.)).

Now who will hear more? Who will go on to eternity, choosing to seek and thus find the hidden things kept secret from before the foundation of the world? Who will meditate upon the scriptures after having read them? Who will allow themselves to be fallible enough to let themselves be taught? Who will not cease to search for understanding until it is been found in every instance? This is the type of character a person needs to possess in order to progress on to eternity. I ask it again, where is the person that is willing to leave father and mother, and come follow me? Yea I ask it, wife friend neighbor and anything else that may be damning their brains from progression that would otherwise flow smoothly and without restraint? I’m not asking to you isolate yourselves, not to not jump because the water isn’t at a perfect temperature. Do the jumping where the jumping is needed (marriage etc.). But be willing to leave the philosophies of the world behind. I would tell you a thousand times- seek to understand the points of the gospel of God which are at present unclear to your minds. Get the Spirit of God in you, and it will embolden you to not only act according to the needs of your present circumstances needs, but to peel your mind away from every learned thing you have heard, and to start fresh with God and the revelations recognized by the Church and Kingdom of God. I will tell you again: who will be with the Lord when night falls? Who will seek him in the morning? Who will put aside a few material benefits in order to benefit his soul with meditation and searching of God’s word and every other good book which does not contend against the gospel of God? Remember the things pertaining to the gospel of God are those of greatest import. So here I say it: searching is a key ingredient to exaltation, for no person can be saved in ignorance. If you love the prophet whom the Spirit of True Intelligence (The Holy Ghost) has led you to follow, even the leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then seek to do as he, and let your mind expand. Let it reach the heavens, and pass the riff raft of floating sectarian or evil-tarian doctrines which are a dime a dozen with sugar on top. No don’t be deceived by the offering of sweet things to your belly, or to the corrupt belly of your mind. Be turned rather to heaven, the which is light, and eternity, and pure intelligence; the which cannot cease to inspire. I remind you that this search is exhausting, and though great progress can be made in a day, exaltation will only come to those who embrace these principals, which are correct and the only ones which will take you from step current to step next, daily. Yes, I tell you daily embrace these principals, in whatever maddened way you can, for this may appear to be a maddened search, the level of concentration and devotion it demands of our lives. This is why no man has reached heaven who was attracted to mammon. Money has its proper place and in the end a man will be damned without having provided for his own, but oh the small place in the wedge of life that money occupies for the faithful! Judge no man, for ye hardly know what these things mean. Trust in the leaders of God’s Church.

I will remind you that all things of progression and beginnings are to your pleasure for the having so far as understanding of such things go, for the Holy Ghost is with you.

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