Directing Youths about Vocation in non-harmful ways & the non-pop version of the idea that there is more to life than career

Directing Youths about Vocation in non-harmful ways & the non-pop version of the idea that there is more to life than career
by Nate Richardson
-When people say “yes I know its not all about career but the mighty career is so you can retire then enjoy your kids and then vacate and then be secure!” don’t get it. When I say life is not all about career, I mean in EVERY STAGE of life, there is no stage wherein we can ignore other duties and the promptings of the spirit which lead you to serve.
-Do we really need 200,000$ + homes? We simply do not.
-I heard Dave Ramsey praising a couple 40 years old who had paid off a 240,000$ house and like 50,000 of other debts; both the mom and dad worked the whole time and they had 2 kids; the amount of kids we have is up to us and God, but having a mother work full time means the kid isn’t being trained as he could be. That mom was absent for decades in order to justify their lavish home.
-When teaching youth about vocations careers finances providing and various duties of Life which involve working and making money and so forth, school college majors and decisions of these kinds, you must not scare them to death by telling them the all-or-nothing heaven or hell version of careers
-they like to say if your’re going into, we will use the medical field as a typical example, you have to be a doctor/surgeon and if you don’t get straight A’s and do perfect and everything you’re never get in and it’s very competitive!
-But in reality there are private schools that are less competitive that will take you in if you haven’t gotten a perfect GPA or even a descent one, and there are jobs that you can get hired in the medical field, there will always be jobs in the medical field and room for more nurses etc
-the thing is you don’t have to be obsessed with your career to the point of doing the surgeon or PhD or doctor
-there are other things in life that you can fill your time with and your energy of your mind and soul
-we like to say I will wait until I am rich/established until I build the church but we must do it now, and follow current promptings, even if those take away from school etc.
-someone who has a career not grand in the world’s eyes but is strong in their callings and serves in his community and does other good things is better than the person with the mighty career who merely does outward showy service, or who doesn’t remember the poor and needy in all things, or who denies the commands to multiply, or who is lazy about any other commandment. We have got to stop putting career as highest priority! President Hinckley said priorities in order are 1. to god & family 2. to career 3. to calling in the church 4. to self. The problem is that we obsess over career and self and give tiny attention to the other parts.

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