Universal Tolerance Debunked: Earning Respect & God’s Universal Standards by Joel Skousen

Universal Tolerance Debunked: Earning Respect & God’s Universal Standards

-an excerpt from Joel Skousen’s World Affair Brief

From the World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen, November 9, 2018 (worldaffairsbrief.com)


“Utah replaced compromising Republican Orrin Hatch with former presidential contender Mitt Romney, who is already showing signs of playing up to the establishment. In his post election remarks to the press his first order of business was pandering to the politically correct lobby“I believe [my victory] is a call for greater dignity, and respect. I believe it is an affirmation that regardless of one’s gender, or ethnicity, or sexual orientation, or race or place of birth, that we are equal, not only in the eyes of God, but also in the respect and dignity we are due from government and from our fellow Americans.”

Everyone seems to have bought into these kinds of “feel good” statements about universal tolerance, but let me explain why they are dead wrong.

1) Everyone is not entitled to our respect simply because of being a member of a protected class by the Left. Dignity and respect must be earned by one’s individual conduct, attitude and performance. And, the more correct our standards, the more difficult it is for people to gain our respect. But even though a person doesn’t come up to our respect, it doesn’t mean we don’t see their need for help, and extend a guiding hand of concern.

2) We are not all equal in the eyes of God, and God clearly does not respect everyone. Think of all the hundreds of old testament references to the fury of God—aimed at people who disregard his commands and abuse others. In fact, everyone is judged individually by God. Christian liberals often misinterpret the scripture statement about God, “not being a respecter of persons” to mean He doesn’t respect one person above another. This is not true. He clearly favors the righteous. What it really means is that he doesn’t play favorites in arbitrary ways. At its core, it means He judges everyone by the same uniform standards, thus ensuring fairness.

That is why there is no such thing as the “unconditional love” of God. How else do you explain Him calling the Pharisees “vipers, hypocrites, and whited Sepulchers” —that’s certainly no form of acceptance love. Neither is there unconditional acceptance by God just for being a member of any class or group. You must come up to His standards of purity of heart and righteousness or you cannot abide His presence. His rewards or consequences strictly match what you really are.”

4 thoughts on “Universal Tolerance Debunked: Earning Respect & God’s Universal Standards by Joel Skousen

  1. There is a perspective that allows one to understand how God can universally love all his children even while condemning their actions. The key to this perspective is found in both the King Follett Discourse and D&C 76. They say that salvation is for all except perdition. And Joseph Smith’s definition of salvation is “to be placed beyond the reach of all enimies, including death”. So, even those whos actions he condemns, if they do not chose perdition, can and will become Gods eventually. This is astonning perspective, even some of the most vile creatures can repent and become exaltedeven as Gods and Goddesses. We should be careful in how we view others, as most are potentially Gods and Goddeses.

    Doug Hale

    1. Very well said Doug. We love everyone but we don’t need to approve of their life choices. There is a big movement these days to teach the rising generation that all lifestyles are ‘created equal’ so to say. That is not true! It boils down to a classic blurring of the lines between good and evil, it’s just being spoken in a modern dialect.

  2. Our Father is the judge. We get to love everyone, regardless of their temporal condition. To see others as God sees them. The judgement comes AFTER the spirit world experience. In that place, people can be taught by the kind of teacher each person needs.
    Yes, we cause ourselves trouble by not living God’s laws but it is not my job to decide who is living which laws perfectly. Our job is to love unconditionally.

    1. Thank you Susan. I think the angle Skousen is getting at here is that though we love everyone, we don’t have to vote in their Babylonian political policies, and we don’t have to appreciate their lifestyles. For example, I don’t appreciate the lifestyles of pedophiles, or even homosexuals for that matter. Some of these are legal some aren’t, but there is a big movement right now for people to not only allow people to live how they choose, but to put a stamp of universal approval on every walk of life. Thanks again!

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