The True Godhead Includes Gender

Here is an analogy to help you understand how the Godhead is 3 separate people rather than the trinity idea of them all being the same person.

Your mother is not your father is not your spouse. All of these combined are your family. They MUST be separate beings in order to be able to fulfill their essential roles in your behalf.

God the Father (upholds justice for all) is not God the Son (makes mercy available for the penitent) is not God the Holy Ghost (guides the seekers of truth & righteousness). All of these combined are the team that makes salvation possible for you. They MUST be separate beings in order to be able to fulfill their essential roles in your behalf.

An absolutely brilliant lecture on the need for God the Father and God the Son to be two separate people was presented by Elder Christofferson at the BYU Christmas devotional in 2017, here is a link to the excerpt of that discourse which pertains to this conversation: I call it “Gods Plan VS Lucifer’s Tyranny

One person asked: What of the Godhead being 3 persons? Why not just call a trinity God by different names of Father Son Holy Ghost?

Answer: You love each member of the Godhead like you love your father and mother and brother. But you don’t call mom dad, and you don’t call dad mom, and you don’t call brother mom, etc. Each has a separate identity, but helps you greatly, and you love and adore and are indebted to each of them for the separate roles they have played in your salvation.

At its core, the doctrine of gender fluidity etc. is Satan attempting to undermine our ability to understand the Godhead. Gender studies today say everything is one, it doesn’t matter which gender you are, there really are no genders. No differences between people. This is the type of confusion we see in the creeds which say God is intangible, without body parts or passions!

The clear sensible gospel doctrine is that God is a man with wife and children! gender fluidity agendas at their core are attacking our understanding of not only who we are, but who god is. And of course, who God is has EVERYTHING to do with who we are as his children.

I think it’s fascinating. The confusion about Godhead being 1 parallels the confusion about gender being 1. In reality, there are multiple people in the Godhead, and multiple genders. Look on a deeper level and you’ll see this has a lot to do with what we’re talking about (trinity vs. the Godhead being 3 separate persons).

We can see how Satan is using his tools to confuse eternal true doctrine.

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