In their own words, “it seems Evolution has created the greatest of killers”

I recently saw a program on nature. They introduced a shark. What followed wasn’t by any means surprising, it’s how all nature shows start these days. But this time I was particularly bothered at how kids (and everyone else) are so shamelessly battered by this dogma.

The presentation began,

“It seems evolution has created the greatest of killers”

Where is God’s credit?

Evolution has produced a great killer. A killer of souls, of faith, & morality.

Why are programs now insistent on pushing evolution at the beginning of all their programs? It’s like they’ve sworn an oath to uphold evolution theory, to offer it the firstlings of their flocks, to ensure that above all else, those kids know without question that all of creation is to be thanked to the god of evolution – don’t question it or you’ll be shamed and exiled from society.

Time after time I hear stories of people leaving a faith in the Bible over evolution. It’s when they start to question whether the Bible is a child’s tale of fantasies or historical events. It all goes downhill from there. People freely admit that it all started when they learned about evolution theory. Quite the package deal!

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