Persecution Yet to Come

-“Why do we need such resilient faith? Because difficult days are ahead. Rarely in the future will it be easy or popular to be a faithful Latter-day Saint. Each of us will be tested. The Apostle Paul warned that in the latter days, those who diligently follow the Lord ‘shall suffer persecution’ [2 Timothy 3:12].Read more

The Law of the Gospel by Brad Wilcox – Full Text

From BYU Idaho Education Week, July 31, 2015 Text click here Video click here Over the last few days at Education Week we have learned much about the gospel, but what exactly is the gospel? The word comes from the Old English word godspell—god meaning good and spell meaning story or news. The gospel then means good news, butRead more

God’s People are His Glory: A Key to Knowledge of Eternity

Mormon 8:15 defines the glory of God as his covenant people. God is full of glory, having a numerous people, and his glory grows forever, the more people come follow him. He continues to have children. He doesn’t rule over anyone save they are his child. That is how heaven works. It’s structured in families,Read more

Effective Co-Creators: Everyday Saviors on Mount Zion

Thesis: not only God, but humans also, have the power to vastly effect, or “CREATE” the eternal destiny of human beings. Your contributions are significant, for good or ill. God’s plan includes, and perhaps is even based on, humans impacting each other. Complacency with the idea that “God will take care of everyone” is notRead more

Emulating the Godhead in the Pre-Mortal, Mortal, & Post-Mortal Existence

Overview: The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead. The Holy Ghost is a spirit, and shows us how to live in a premortal state. Those who prove worthy there eventually come to an earth to live. Jesus Christ is another member of the Godhead. Jesus Christ came to this earth 2000 years agoRead more

Grow Where You Are Planted: Why to Stop Moving Everywhere

Grow Where You Are Planted   Elder Stanley G Ellis spoke of this in a conference report not long ago, suggesting that wherever we are, we should grow, rather than be always looking to leave and live somewhere else, living reserving ourselves to give more fully in some more comfortable location or something.   IRead more

Man is Become As God: Spiritual Capitalism & Why Life is Hard

(Man is become as God echoes Genesis 3:5, 22; Alma 42:3; Alma 12:34, 21 & other scriptures) I ask, “God why is life so hard?” I hear no answer. I think to myself: ‘I sort of make it hard on myself, but the difficulty brings such rewards, that I chose to go through it.’ ThenRead more

Early Marriage and Parenthood Theory

Early Marriage and Parenthood Theory by Nate Richardson updated 4-7-18 -other similar reading: Family and Godhead in plan of salvation: Exponential Exaltation Theory: List of points: AGE OF MARY at her wedding and birth of Jesus “YOUNG” PEOPLE CAN DO GREAT, historic examples ARRANGED MARRIAGES have less divorces FORBIDDEN, THE YOUTH REBELSRead more

Why Aren’t We “Raptured” Upon Conversion?

I heard a radio preacher this morning say this, and I’ll tell you why he is wrong: “we live in the world, as Jesus said we would. Why doesn’t got rapture us as soon as we are converted? Why isn’t it that when we say, “I am a sinner, Jesus Christ, I commit myself toRead more

Emphasize service, brotherhood, & grass-roots-education; de-emphasize careerism, status seeking, & hoop-jumping

Emphasize service, brotherhood, & grass-roots-education; de-emphasize careerism, status seeking, & hoop-jumping Balance of Vocational and Religious Duty Another Episode in the School of the Prophets by Nate Richardson 4-17-17 Topics: service, vocation, education It occurred to me today or yesterday one of the two, that it doesn’t matter so much that I use all myRead more


Obedience by Nate Richardson Updated 1-24-18 -“The question is frequently asked, “Can we not be saved without going through with all those ordinances? I would answer, No, not the fullness of salvation. Jesus said, There are many mansions in my Father’s house, and I will go and prepare a place for you. HouseRead more

King Benjamin’s Sermon: A Manual for Discipleship by Elder Neal A. Maxwell, summary

King Benjamin’s Sermon: A Manual for Discipleship by Elder Neal A. Maxwell Fullscreen Notes by Nate Richardson -like the mission president there, can memorize Mosiah 2:20-25 -ones teachings, not their biography, is what we most need to become their disciples -king Benjamins words greatest effect on the world is yet to come. -BenjaminRead more

Joy: The Greatest Fear

Joy: The Greatest Fear by Nate Richardson April 2017 Topics: salvation, suffering, joy, fear, Joseph Smith, Celestial Kingdom, lament, Jesus Christ, merit, grace, works The thing that we fear most is joy. That is what we avoid. When we use drugs and alcohol it’s an obvious giveaway that we like to be happyRead more

The 7 Day Christian by Brad Wilcox, book notes in text & audio

The 7 Day Christian by Brad Wilcox book notes in text & audio by Nate Richardson Audio of these book notes by clicking here or use this URL: For notes on other materials by Wilcox, see document “Brad Wilcox Sampler” by clicking here or by using this URL: For notes onRead more

Exaltation Analysis

1. What knowledge rises with you in the resurrection, and those who have gained more knowledge in this life will be so far the advantage in the next life (D&C) 2. Jesus learned obedience by the things he suffered (NT) 3. If we are to gain salvation, it is by the very same way thatRead more

Faith Hope and Charity unto Salvation

Faith Hope and Charity unto Salvation by Nate Richardson updated 1-8-18 For an audio recording of an impromptu lecture which inspired the text below, click here or use this URL: 1. Faith leads to hope, hope leads to charity, charity leads to salvation. aka faith -> hope -> charity -> salvation 2. Satan’sRead more