Is Genesis History? – Documentary Notes

I share these notes with permission of the author.

Caution: these are my notes on my understanding of the presentation, and do not exactly capture the ideas presented.


-Mt. Saint Helens made geological structures which we usually attribute to being extremely old. Deep bedrock can be cut in just a few days with powerful mudslides. Catastrophic processes can make big things happen fast.

-see Steve Austin PhD Geologist

-see Genesis speaks of fountains of water coming up at time of Noah’s flood

-mountains have risen since the flood, so we can’t look at them to determine how deep the flood was

-the standard idea is that the Colorado river wore it down over tens of thousands of years but erosion would have collapsed it over that time period

-the Grand Canyon could have been eroded in just a few weeks

-the Grand Canyon would have been from a large powerful flood, not just a local flood.

-the Grand Canyon more logically would have been made with a lot of water in a little time rather than a little water over a long time.

-science isn’t just about evidence, its about the paradigms, how you interpret the evidence.

-Steven Boyd PhD Hebraist says the worlds greatest Hebraists agree that Genesis is narrative, not poetic. Meaning that the text should be understood as it is written. The biblical text does not conform with the contemporary narrative. God creates mankind. Marriage is invented in the beginning of mankind. A global flood occurs. The tower of Babel text shows how different languages evolved.

-Jesus descended from Adam as the text genealogy shows. Mankind was created on the 6th day of creation. This shows that the days of creation could not have been extremely long ago.

-Mt. St. Helens was small compared to other historic volcanic eruptions

-We can’t use present day rates of these processes to determine how long the geological record accumulated.

-the millions of years of decay rate of atoms at present day doesn’t mean the rate was consistent in the past. Universities ignore evidence of historic rates being different because they are set in their millions of years geological evolution idea. They insist that we have rocks millions of years old to support this narrative.

-samples from the same rock can test to be vastly different ages

-where there are no evidence of erosion between layers, those layers were quickly laid down upon each other; this is seen in areas of the Grand Canyon

-Grand Canyon was underwater deposition because

-see Kurt Wise? Paleontologist

-book of Peter says how people in the last days will say that the Lord isn’t going to come because things are always going to be as they always have been; they deny the idea that the past was any different than the present

-the bible describes different epochs of time where very different things happen in different times; God starts and ends certain projects. At the time of Adam and Eve it says they would have lived forever if they had not sinned, there were different conditions. Now the sun won’t burn forever, etc.

-in the ante-diluvian (before flood) epoch, there were very different animals and plants on earth. In Peter it says that world was destroyed. (The scriptures speak of new heaven and new earth several times).

-the earth is still recovering from the flood; this can describe glacial history, etc.

-the modern epoch of time based on our current observations can only describe the earth back to a few hundred years after the flood of Noah

-the bible records historical events but it doesn’t tell how they happened; we can study them to find out how they happened

-a great flood could have taken ocean animals and thrown them onto land continents.

-the Cambrian explosion (appearance of lots of marine animals shows up almost out of nowhere) makes sense as the flood was about destroying ecosystems; we see a complex whole explosion of life; whenever you move up in the geological record, you see different ecosystems. The flood waters got higher and higher and destroyed more and more, until it got to the top. In other words, all of that life was already there, we are just looking at the graveyard of all of that life.

-placement of the next layer on the fossil record must have been quick; entire ecosystems and species getting wiped out

-at the time of the flood the earth was filled with violence, it was not so at the time of creation. When we go to natural history museums, we are seeing the animals of the time of the violence on earth. (In the beginning there weren’t carnivores)

-fossilization requires very special circumstances; if a coyote dies in the desert today, it’s body soon disappears. Fossilization is rare, yet we find dinosaur fossils all over the earth. The animal dies, it’s body rots away for a few months, then the bone remains are fossilized.

-scientists have laid how some transitional forms, but those are the exceptions to the rule. The rule is that there are no transitional forms, those forms remain the same in the next stages of the fossil record; when there are transitional forms, that’s the exception rather than the rule.

-Devin Anderson PhD microbiologist speaks of what’s inside dinosaur bones. There have been tissue with cells found in dinosaur fossils which are supposedly 80 millions of years old, but those should have broken down faster. Such tissue has been found in a triceratops, etc.

-see Creation Research Society

-soak a fossil in EDTA, the tissue remains; stretchable, pliable tissue. An even closer electron scanner shows extreme details of the cells. You would not expect such elaborate detail still intact if the sample was as old as many claim. The scientific community responded to this saying it was just bacteria or other things it could be, so those who originally published this tissue finding did more research and even found proteins. The controversy has been how to explain such. Some claim it means nothing because our other methods of dating say it’s older. But this tissue is a method of dating. This challenges the entire dating process.

-Time is the critical component for evolution; they claim to account for massive change of organisms with time.

-Darwin first read about millions of year-old earth, and made his theory to fit that paradigm; he didn’t come up with the millions idea.

-evolution is a belief that enough change over time and enough time can account for every species coming from one thing; but there are major missing links in every species; a shark is a shark, there are variations of a shark, but even back in the fossil record you have sharks;

-no one would agree that random mutations would result in a higher lifeform. The number of changes required to move from one species to another requires many changes at once.

-things do change over time, but they don’t jump to different species. Several animals can be very similar within their group. Animals can have similar sets of genes, but the hox genes controlling development of the embryo are very different in different species.

-look at computer programs; everything doesn’t just come from a single symbol.

-the 4th dimension is time; the genome changes shape over time; all 3 dimensions change in the 4th dimension. You can’t build something like that one step at a time; there must be foresight, it can’t be one letter at a time with natural selection. Animals were created with the ability to change and adapt to their environments, and we have mistaken that as evolution.

-in an ecology, it comes crashing down without all factors being present; remove just a few factors, and the ecology of it collapses. If you have ‘missing links’, you can’t have a complete genome.

-each kind of animal descended from a master form which was on the ark of Noah. God didn’t just build a cat, he built an animal from which a variety of cats could come. Diversity of today is built into the kind. (But not every kind came from a single common ancestor).

-natural selection can’t generate all diversity we see; natural selection does fine tuning, but it doesn’t account for all the variety. Selection takes a variation and turns it into a local adaptation. An exquisite design in the beginning built into the system of an animal the ability to adapt to different climates to an extent. Each kind has its own tree of variation. Therefore the Genesis paradigm embraces both similarity and difference.

-there are discontinuities between humans and non-humans. Neanderthals are a variety of human. There are a large variety of human similar to how there are a large variety of dog. But there are discontinuities between humans and non-humans. Apes for example are very very different from humans. Large discontinuities.

-see Danny Faulkner PhD astronomer

-eclipses are spectacular and rare; these are part of a design for signs as the scriptures say.

-scripture said let the earth bring forth plants; it could have been rapid creation, the bring forth suggests that. It may have appeared like a time lapse taking place in regular time. This could be why we see light from distant galaxies.

-If spiral galaxies were so old, why would they still appear spiraled? They would have come together.

-The Big Bang theory is far from universally accepted by scientists. Some claim it can be compatible with the bible, but those are people who attempt to wed Genesis with our current paradigm. We should interpret the world in terms of Genesis, not the other way around.

-Douglas Petrovich PhD archeologist shows biblical events unfolding in the East at Mesopotamia. He speaks of language popping up out of nowhere, and great diversity in grammar forms of language to language even in ancient languages. (I recall in my Egyptology class we spoke of the oldest language records appearing around 4000 BC).

-out bodies are set up for the timing of a day; our sleep cycles, our work cycles, etc. The timing of a day was set up in Genesis.

-if you remove a literal Adam and Eve, you greatly alter human history and it becomes open to lots of interpretation about relationships, the character of gender, sexuality, marriage, etc.

-We understand the life of Christ as recorded in the bible being historical events; why do we think that the Old Testament would not be historical events? We are constantly bombarded with the message that we have to adjust our views. The entire bible refers back to all the characters of Genesis. The entire bible is refuted if you throw out the original characters and major events of Genesis. Throw out the first few chapters of the bible, and you have to throw out the whole thing. History anchors all the other disciplines. It tells us what happened, then science attempts to answer how those events of history happened. The mechanics of those events. If you reverse that and have science say what happened, you get a constantly shifting world view, and moral relativism is the necessary outcome. God has given us the bedrock to build on by giving us the bible.

-nothing in the world makes sense except in the light of Genesis

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