Joel Skousen World affairs brief 11.18.22 on plural marriage rights, and the failure compromise that Christians just bought into with the gay rights bill in the senate

  REPUBLICANS COMPROMISE TO PASS GAY MARRIAGE BILL IN SENATE   As usual, controversial bills are given euphemistic titles that hide their real agenda. This one was called the “Respect for Marriage Act” but it was really only the “respect for GAY marriage act.” In the Senate on Wednesday 12 Republicans joined all the DemocratsRead more

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Highlights from Government Lectures by Joel Skousen

Highlights from Government Lectures by Joel Skousen     Compiled By Nate Richardson             Contents   Summary of Libertarian VS Conservative by Joel Skousen: Emphasis on Enforcing Penalties for Negative Consequences of Free Actions. 3 Mr. President, We’re Already Mostly Socialist! Joel Skousen, 2/8/19. 4 Notes on Joel Skousen’sRead more

Joel Skousen’s Book Review of “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F Kennedy Jr. – Biggest Medical & Vaccine Fraud in World History

Excerpt from the World Affairs Brief, Dec. 24, 2021.     I was pleasantly surprised to receive my copy of “The Real Anthony Fauci” within a week of ordering, rather than the projected 15 January delivery date. I immediately set to work tackling this 450 page tome with small font and tiny page margins thatRead more

Notes on Joel Skousen’s Annual Overview Briefing: 2021

The lecture went in much greater detail than I share here. See the full lecture here: (YouTube video was banned. It has been reposted here:)   apologies in advance for a few fragmented ideas in my notes. See and the Highland Liberty Group for more of Joel’s lectures, as well asRead more

Summary of Libertarian VS Conservative by Joel Skousen: Emphasis on Enforcing Penalties for Negative Consequences of Free Actions

The following is shared with permission in September of 2021. It is a note from Joel Skousen in response to my inquiry about where he is libertarian and where conservative in his politics:   I’m a libertarian on almost all issues when carefully defined.  My solutions are not, however, in line with the Libertarian party. Read more

Whisperings: The Still Small Voice of Conscience: Essay by Joel Skousen

When you finish reading this, you may not view life in quite the same way again—even if you are indifferent about, or passionately dislike, what I have to say.   I do not claim or presume that the reader will actually change what he or she is. That’s a more difficult and individualized process. But whatRead more

Year Analysis Overviews by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes

Sections: 2017 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes 2016 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes     2017 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes I suggest you watch the lecture and the Q&A session at the end. Watch this lecture by using this URL: At the video URL, you will findRead more Lectures, Featuring Joel Skousen, Stephen Pratt, Scott Bradley, Ken Bowers, Michael Gaddy, Noolander & Chuck Baldwin, Christian Markham, etc. Topics Include Constitution, Globalists, Inflation, War, 9/11, Zion, America, Unknown Republic, Secret Combinations, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Two Churches Only, Isaiah, Food Storage, etc.– Lecture Notes

Here are my notes on many of the brilliant lectures which can be found at Sections: The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes 2016 Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes 9/11 & Conspiracy by Joel Skousen & Steven Jones – Lecture Notes Joel Skousen on Inflation War Globalists Conspiracy &Read more

Dr. Joel Fuhrman & The Nutritarian Diet – Lectures Highlights

These are my notes & commentary and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I’ve selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion, with occasional added commentary. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, itRead more

Universal Tolerance Debunked: Earning Respect & God’s Universal Standards by Joel Skousen

Universal Tolerance Debunked: Earning Respect & God’s Universal Standards -an excerpt from Joel Skousen’s World Affair Brief From the World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen, November 9, 2018 (   “Utah replaced compromising Republican Orrin Hatch with former presidential contender Mitt Romney, who is already showing signs of playing up to the establishment. In his postRead more

Public Education Fraud by Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from the World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen dated 4-27-18   The entire world of both military and educational standards are falling as both public institutions succumb to political correctness and fail to support good judgment and discipline that are the key to success in every aspect of real life.Read more

Last Days Timeline of Rodney M. Cluff  (9.6.20)

Last Days Timeline of Rodney M. Cluff  (9.6.20)   (His hollow earth ideas I’ve not been able yet to throughly investigate, but we can agree that this timeline is maticulously researched and sourced. He is a man of great faith.) The following is an excerpt from: My estimates for the last days time lineRead more

Plural Marriage & The Restoration: A Positive View

Plural Marriage & The Restoration A Positive View   Defending the Doctrine, Philosophy, & Historical Practice of Polygamy in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints & The Bible   Including Contributions from Kimberly Watson Smith & Highlights of Books by Ogden Kraut   By Nate Richardson Free at   Last Updated 12.31.22Read more

*Doctrinal Mastery: Full Text of the 100 Seminary Scriptures

(For these passages in interlinear foreign languages, see the language page.) Doctrinal Mastery & Other Key Scripture Full Text Passages for Memorization, etc.         Nate Richardson     Contents   Doctrinal Mastery: Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge. 6 Proverbs 3:5-6 (Trust God) 6 Isaiah 5:20 (They Call Evil Good) 6 John 7:17 (Obey GodRead more

Prominent Voices of Truth Books, Teachers, Forums

Prominent Voices of Truth Books, Teachers, Forums       By Nate Richardson     Contents PROMINENT VOICES OF TRUTH: IDENTIFYING BRAVE TEACHERS. 5 Prominent Traditionalist Voices: Church history doctrine and standards. 6 Prominent Traditionalist Voices: Signs of the Times. 7 Prominent Traditionalist Voices: Science. 7 Prominent Traditionalist Voices: Book of Mormon Heartland Geography.Read more

Homeschool Advocacy – Righteousness, Independence, Brilliance

Homeschool Advocacy   Righteousness, Independence, Brilliance   Pacing, Individualizing, & Focusing on Natural Interests Protecting from Dangerous Teachings & Attitudes Religious Tolerance & True History Resisting Anti-Christ Evolution Dogma Resisting Government Control, Excess, & Tyranny Fostering Family Relationships     By Nate Richardson   Contents   Introduction to Homeschooling. 4 Brilliant People Who WereRead more

Edifying Music Playlists

Edifying Music Playlists   “That which does not edify is not of God, and is darkness.” D&C 50:23   Topical Playlists Which Avoid Questionable Genres Visit the Richardson Studies YouTube channel for links to similar playlists on YouTube       By Nate Richardson       Contents   Introduction to Music Playlists. 5Read more

Entertainment Should Be Edifying

Entertainment Should Edify “That which does not edify is not of God and is darkness.” -D&C 50:23   By Nate Richardson     Contents   Introduction. 4 Scriptures & Quotes on Living Differently Than The World. 7 We are Living in The Great and Spacious Building, A Post-Christian World – Quotes. 8 Edifying Recreation:Read more

Nutrition Study Notes

  Nutrition Study Notes       By Nate Richardson       Contents   The 9 Pillars of Overall Physical Health & Wellbeing. 4 Prophets Declare: Too Much Meat! 5 Introduction to Health & Nutrition: “Feed My Sheep”. 6 The Why of Health: Preciousness of the Body. 7 CDC on Benefits of Exercise.Read more

Studies on Public Health Conspiracy Vaccines, Pandemics, COVID-19, Psychotropics, etc.

Studies on Public Health Conspiracy Vaccines, Pandemics, COVID-19, Psychotropics, etc.     Compiled By Nate Richardson     Contents   Introduction to Public Health Conspiracy to Get Gain: Your Lord & Savior BIG PHARMA.. 4 Excerpts from Lecture Notes on Joel Skousen’s 2021 Annual Briefing Regarding COVID-19: Phony Science, Freedoms Lost, etc. 4 PhonyRead more

Independent Living & Preparedness Tips

Independent Living & Preparedness Tips   “Establish a house of order.” “Prepare every needful thing.” “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”         Compiled by Nate Richardson       Contents Independence – Words of the Prophets. 4 Zero-Debt Living. 12 Tithing – Teachings of the Prophets. 13 Financial WisdomRead more

Governments of Good & Evil Study Notes

Governments of Good & Evil Study Notes   By Nate Richardson       Contents     Introduction: “He that ruleth over men must be just.”. 4 Righteous Strength Pain & Success; Freedom of Speech; Natural Gender Preferences – Jordan Peterson & John Stossel Interview Notes. 6 Alexander Hamilton Issues. 7 Andrew “Stonewall” Jackson.Read more


Highlights – H. Verlan Andersen: The Great & Abominable Church of Devil, Communism (Blog) (PDF) (Video) Highlights – Covenant on the Land & Divinely Sanctioned Governments by The Joseph Smith Foundation (Blog) (PDF) Highlights – Ken Bowers Hiding in Plain Sight: Secret Combinations of the Last Days (Blog) (PDF) (Video) Highlights – Ayn Rand, Economic Liberty,Read more

“The Great Pageant in the Heavens” -Mazzaroth/Zodiac, Biblical Astronomy, Jupiter’s Last Round Aligning with Last Days Events – from a Latter-day Saint Perspective: Lecture Series Highlights

The lecture series: The Grant Pageant in the Heavens: These notes are us very small fraction of all the dates and occurrences etc. presented in the lecture series. Job 38:32: “Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?” See Wikipedia page biblical astronomy Speaks of patriarchs assignedRead more

Hyrum Andrus: Nephi’s Last Days Prophecies – Lecture Highlights

2 parts PART 1: In The era of warfare against Zion (future) that is when Zion rises to its full stature. Eventually this will extend to Jerusalem. There will be military war against the latter-day Saints then against Jerusalem. Joel 2 is warfare against Zion. Joel 3is war against Jerusalem. There’s a future point whereRead more


News Science Apocalypse Restoration Missionary/Scripture Education Recreation Family Government Health Plan of Salvation Language —————————————— News The Richardson Studies Gazette: Current Events & Analysis (Blog) (PDF) Science Creation Doctrines (PDF) About: Against evolution, the levels of the cosmos, the 7th day temporal creation, etc. Presentation: Geology of the Worldwide Flood of Noah with Universal Model (PDF)Read more


AUDIO/VIDEO CONTENTS NEW RELEASES. 1 SCIENCE. 2 RESTORATION.. 2 APOCALYPSE. 3 PLAN OF SALVATION.. 3 FAITH.. 3 GOVERNMENT. 4 FAMILY.. 4 MODESTY.. 5 RECREATION.. 5 EDUCATION.. 5 LANGUAGE. 5     NEW RELEASES 1hr Highlights & Commentary on “Discovering the Word of Wisdom: A Whole Food Plant Based Approach” by Jane Birch 1.5hr Noah’s WorldwideRead more

Topical List of Best Books to Re-Read Through Life

Sections: Scriptures Religious Doctrine Life of Joseph Smith Religion Manuals Religion & Temples in Antiquity End Times Prophecy Marriage & Parenting Education Government Conspiracy History Economics From the Reformation Classical Literature Poetry Science Nutrition Psychology Philosophy Scriptures: -The Holy Bible -The Book of Mormon -The Doctrine and Covenants -The Pearl of Great Price -Semi-Annual GeneralRead more

Restoration of the Beard

Though sometimes discouraged in and out of the church, the choice of whether a man should wear a beard is up to him. There is no commandment against it. Beards anciently were a symbol of masculinity, independence, and allegiance to God. Perhaps the time for beards is returning in this the restoration of all things!Read more

Latter-day Saint Traditionalist University: Prominent Voices of Truth

Introductory Notes: *The following are traditionalist (not progressive) authors & teachers among the Latter-day Saints who have made significant contributions to the righteous education of the saints. *Some of these have written at length on the subjects they’re mentioned in, others are people in positions of authority who have made strong traditionalist statements in theRead more

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70+ Signatures & Many Stories: Dear President Worthen, Stop Teaching Evolution at BYU

I compiled and sent the following to BYU President Worthen June 15, 2020: President Worthen,  Please consider my story about evolution being taught at BYU, signatures of those who feel similarly, & stories of others as presented below. I am a 2019 BYU graduate. During my wonderful time at BYU, I took many science classesRead more

5 Prophetic Warnings about Music, & Other Media Guidelines

Sections: 5 Prophetic Warnings about Music Our Duties Regarding Music & Entertainment Church Approved Music Pre-Screening Basics Know the Background Seek & Stand in Holy Places Cultivate Creation Beware Desensitization Prepare for Zion Excuses aren’t Valid: You Knew God is Charming Christian Priorities Seek & Find Separating the Art from The Artist: A Virtue andRead more

Government: Authors, Sites, Forums, etc. shows that the social sciences are increasingly bias toward liberal views -Patriot reading list by age and category – the American Family Association: Boycotts against company’s hostile to Christians and American family values. -Free Economics Courses: MR University -Joel Skousen – -Ben Shapiro –, Young America’sRead more

Emergency Preparedness: Basic Equipment List

Table of Contents: Documents Communication Electronics Finance Food Medical Security & Armory Shelter & Clothing Transportation   Documents   -passwords -passports -bank account numbers -key phone number & email & address contacts (don’t depend on social media as your only way to contact someone; use social media to collect needed contact info in case ofRead more

Emulating God Through Health: Make Time, Eliminate Excuses, Develop the Taste for Zion, & A Few Things Healthy People Do

Sections: Emulating God Through Health Time for Health Eliminating Health Excuses Developing a Taste for Zion Culture Things Healthy People Do Why They Do It Emulating God Through Health Brigham Young said of the kingdom of heaven, how each person there is as breathtakingly beautiful as the next. That one would gasp and per adventureRead more

The Condemnation of Modern Mental Health Science, & a Gospel Based Family Oriented Alternative to Our Perpetually Broken System

First, I acknowledge that much good can come of mental health treatment, and mental issues are often real and needing serious attention like we would give to physical illness (as taught by Elder Holland in his address “Like a Broken Vessel” Any opportunity to serve others in a genuine way is of the Lord. IRead more

Forgiveness & Tolerance

Forgiveness & Tolerance: Compiled by Nate Richardson, -“Bless our enemies. Help us to understand them, and them to understand us.” This was an oft repeated phrase in President Kimball’s prayers. (“Spencer W. Kimball: A True Disciple of Jesus Christ” by Elder Marvin J Ashton, Gen. Conf. April 1985) -Holding a grudge is rejecting Christ, and bringsRead more

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On Conspiracy & Staying in The Church: Responding to Christian Markham’s Two Churches Only Vol. 2

This is my response to the author of “There Are Save Two Churches Only” Christian Markham, a latter-day saint author now parted from the church. I very much enjoyed vol. 1 which showed political conspiracy, I did not enjoy vol. 2 which suggested the church is a part of that conspiracy. In some correspondence withRead more

Visions of the Latter Days by Kevin Kraut (A compilation of futuristic visions of LDS prophets), Full Text

Visions of the Latter Days by Kevin Kraut (A compilation of futuristic visions of LDS prophets) This is copyrighted material. It may be duplicated for educational purposes only. And, only in it’s entirety. Kevin Kraut Visions of the Latter Days Pioneer Press P.O. Box 201 Santaquin, UT 84655 September 1983 Behold, I sent youRead more

Tax Cuts for the Big Do Help the Little, & Government Welfare Doesn’t

Concerning Trump’s 2018 Tax Cut Debate: Joel Skousen, several attorneys & I defend lowering taxes. Getting away from non-constitutional federal government welfare (forced redistribution of wealth)   Topics: tax, constitution, SSI, states’ rights, federal system, 10th amendment, deficit, government welfare as forced redistribution of wealth, inflation as government thief I commented on tax cuts forRead more

Different Religions Have their own Camps in Heaven?

Different Religions Have their own Camps in Heaven? Different Religions Have their own Camps in Heaven / All Roads Lead to Rome Theory Debunked True vs False Religions Prophets VS Mystics Why Your Choice Matters by Nate Richardson On my mission I heard lots of people say that they didn’t need to join theRead more

Book List and Price Excerpt

Book List and Price Excerpt by Nate Richardson –God’s law of finances by Stephen Palmer; a free book on what LDS leaders have said about finances. See at -“Eve Out of the Garden” blog at has free audio of Hugh Nibley’s Book of Mormon class, Pearl of Great Price class, andRead more