70+ Signatures & Many Stories: Dear President Worthen, Stop Teaching Evolution at BYU

I compiled and sent the following to BYU President Worthen June 15, 2020: President Worthen,  Please consider my story about evolution being taught at BYU, signatures of those who feel similarly, & stories of others as presented below. I am a 2019 BYU graduate. During my wonderful time at BYU, I took many science classesRead more

BEHAVIORAL TREATMENT PLAN FOR ADDICTION: 10 Basic Concepts of Addiction, 5 Signs of Addiction, 3 Reasons Why We Abuse Substance, 5 Recovery Stages, 4 Milestones for Recovery, 4 Progressive Stages of Substance Abuse, Sobriety Tracking, Transparency Via Therapeutic Essay Writing, Boundaries: The Personal Jihad / Taking Up The Cross, Group Therapy Strategies, Teen Brain, Spiritual Exploration & Conquest, 3 Stances for Recovery

Introduction:   Addiction is seen not only in illegal drug use or alcohol use, but also in pornography use, and abuse of common foods leading to decreased life satisfaction, chronic illness, and premature death. Addiction of any type will hurt our bodies and our spirits. We must train our spirits and our bodies to beRead more

Megan Richardson Parenting Essays

Meg writes on abortion 2019 Unpopular opinion time but killing the person growing inside you is not your choice. It is not part of you. The umbilical cord literally separates it from you so your blood doesn’t mingle because if it does there are serious consequences for the baby. You had the choice to engageRead more

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The Effects of Family of Origin on an Individual’s Attachment Preferences

The Effects of Family of Origin on an Individual’s Attachment Preferences Kourtney Hernandez, Katelyn Louder, Michael Kezele, Nate Richardson SFL 290 – Brigham Young University Professor Draper   Abstract   The family an individual is raised in can change their entire schema, perception, and trajectory of life. This study seeks to understand whether the sizeRead more

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The 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and how to Avoid Them by Randal A. Wright, PhD

The author is a long-time social scientist and church member who has worked teaching in the CES program.   Home environment Quality time The crossroads Family traditions Children’s friends Peer pressure Television Music Movies Parental example Expressing love verbally Physical affection Support Marriage Family fun Discipline Worldy heroes Teaching correct principles Human intimacy Steady datingRead more

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Emergency Preparedness: Basic Equipment List

Table of Contents: Documents Communication Electronics Finance Food Medical Security & Armory Shelter & Clothing Transportation   Documents   -passwords -passports -bank account numbers -key phone number & email & address contacts (don’t depend on social media as your only way to contact someone; use social media to collect needed contact info in case ofRead more

Baseline Rules for Righteous Parenting

DON’T:   -don’t inflict physical harm -don’t yell -don’t instill fear -don’t expect immediate obedience -don’t withhold meals & snacks -don’t isolate -don’t humiliate/ridicule/belittle/mock -don’t selectively enforce rules -don’t make threats & rules you aren’t willing to follow through on   DO:   -out of control children should be kept near a parent until theyRead more

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Joy: The Key to Learning

Here are ways to ensure that any training has joy at its center, so the learner remains motivated and rewarded for his efforts. We will look at just a few subjects:     Language: Teach speaking skills so some even if small communication can take place, long before details of grammar, conjugations, declensions, etc. areRead more

Homeschool Forums

-Large Family Homeschoolers (626 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/230225423659316/ -Large Family Homeschoolers (another group, 38 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1627937923988768/?ref=br_rs -LDS Homeschooling & Unschooling of Northern Utah (201 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/LDSHSUSNUtah/ -Utah County Homeschoolers (712 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/548091715279811/ -Utah Homeschool Mentors (2,358 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/293628930774982/ -Utah Homeschoolers Network (1,140 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/UtahHomeschoolersNetwork/ -Large families of 4+kids – Homeschooling (280 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/137692863532395/?ref=br_rs -Utah LDS Homeschoolers (634Read more

Educational Resources

Library Resources:   -britannica.com -Online Liberty Library – free pdf etc. – oll.libertyfund.org -librivox.org – free public domain audiobooks -archive.org – free public domain texts, movies, audiobooks -survivorlibrary.com (public domain PDF book downloads on many topics) -openculture.com/freeonlinecourses – Free Online Courses from Top Universities (movies, eBooks, audiobooks, textbooks, language lessons, business courses, K-12 Ed, etc.) -DeseretRead more

Immodesty Does Lead to Rape: Points the “Dress Doesn’t Matter” Feminists are Missing

Before you eat me alive and call me anti-scientific, let me assure you I’m familiar with the study showing that clothing worn by rape victims varies along the spectrum of immodest and modest alike. Let me also assure you that I believe men are accountable for their choices; that it’s never the fault of theRead more

Modesty Forums

-Promoting Modesty for Christians on Facebook! (2,718 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/117788312305/ -Promoting a culture of life through modesty in dress (507 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/804891312881104/ -Modern Modesty (WOMEN ONLY GROUP) (5,432 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/119982558198502/ -Modern Modesty Movement Community (WOMEN ONLY GROUP) (29 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1604163189862418/ -Marylike Modesty in the Modern World (WOMEN ONLY GROUP. PRIMARILY CATHOLIC.) (275 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/333745833373471/ -Modesty forRead more

The Law of the Gospel by Brad Wilcox – Full Text

From BYU Idaho Education Week, July 31, 2015 Text click here Video click here Over the last few days at Education Week we have learned much about the gospel, but what exactly is the gospel? The word comes from the Old English word godspell—god meaning good and spell meaning story or news. The gospel then means good news, butRead more

God’s People are His Glory: A Key to Knowledge of Eternity

Mormon 8:15 defines the glory of God as his covenant people. God is full of glory, having a numerous people, and his glory grows forever, the more people come follow him. He continues to have children. He doesn’t rule over anyone save they are his child. That is how heaven works. It’s structured in families,Read more

Possible Hebrew Meaning of Genesis 3:1

The scriptures treating Eden say that Satan was the most subtle, above all the beasts of the field (Gen. 3:1). Subtle can be translated to naked in Hebrew. It also uses that word to describe Adam and Eve, stating that they were naked. Later we read of being clothed with coats of skins. One possibleRead more

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Effective Co-Creators: Everyday Saviors on Mount Zion

Thesis: not only God, but humans also, have the power to vastly effect, or “CREATE” the eternal destiny of human beings. Your contributions are significant, for good or ill. God’s plan includes, and perhaps is even based on, humans impacting each other. Complacency with the idea that “God will take care of everyone” is notRead more

Emulating the Godhead in the Pre-Mortal, Mortal, & Post-Mortal Existence

Overview: The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead. The Holy Ghost is a spirit, and shows us how to live in a premortal state. Those who prove worthy there eventually come to an earth to live. Jesus Christ is another member of the Godhead. Jesus Christ came to this earth 2000 years agoRead more

Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) Lectures by Joel Fuhrman & Neal Bernard

Joel Fuhrman:         You don’t want to add size to your body as an adult this is also increasing the cancer if you’re encouraging the growth as an adult, so you don’t need a bunch of meat to increase in size   the football linebackers always die at a young age becauseRead more

Physical Exercise Importance – Quotes of the Prophets

“I would not want you to neglect your body. It deserves daily care. Physical conditioning through regular exercise requires self-mastery too. I marvel at Elder Joseph Anderson, now in his ninety-sixth year. For decades, the strength of his spirit over his body has induced him to swim regularly. But his motivation has never been toRead more

Grow Where You Are Planted: Why to Stop Moving Everywhere

Grow Where You Are Planted   Elder Stanley G Ellis spoke of this in a conference report not long ago, suggesting that wherever we are, we should grow, rather than be always looking to leave and live somewhere else, living reserving ourselves to give more fully in some more comfortable location or something.   IRead more


To heal. To help. To persuade. To reveal the future in such clarity in all it’s brightness so as to gain the confidence of your friends and lead them along to it in the bravery if sacrifice. To show them self-care in the midst of care of others. To initiate them in all things inRead more

The Way of The True Man

There is a way of manhood, of the true man, even God our father, and we becoming like him, shed various things which are not compliant with the standard of his character (and there is a female counterpart hidden presently from view for sacred protection which pertains to our trial; we know she exists butRead more

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Emulating God Through Health: Make Time, Eliminate Excuses, Develop the Taste for Zion, & A Few Things Healthy People Do

Sections: Emulating God Through Health Time for Health Eliminating Health Excuses Developing a Taste for Zion Culture Things Healthy People Do Why They Do It Emulating God Through Health Brigham Young said of the kingdom of heaven, how each person there is as breathtakingly beautiful as the next. That one would gasp and per adventureRead more

Joining The Church: Salvation, Alcohol, & Sexual Chastity

List of questions: Why would you go to heaven and not me? I’m a good religious person. What about those who never got a passport but were good people? Can they enter God’s city? If I am a good person just not a member of the church, why would I have to live with murderersRead more

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – Book Notes & Commentary

I do not openly endorse Rand’s materials, but have found, as with the apocrypha, lots of good in them. If the reader can throw out the bad and keep the good, discerning which is which by the spirit of God, there are things here which can lead a soul to do good, work hard, andRead more

The Ideal Classroom, Why we don’t Give Graded Homework, and Gospel Analogies

The following link is to a summary recent educational research supporting my claim of the minimally helpful or even hindering role graded homework can play is found here: click here Note though graded homework can be negative, feedback on assignments is still critical. Assignments aren’t tests, they are about learning, and thus ought not toRead more