The Beatles: a Fulfillment of the Anti-Christ

There are other dual fulfillments of the antichrist, but this bands epic anti-Christ impact around the world as well as the Paul death coverup fulfill apocalyptic scripture. Sections: 1 OF 4 BEASTS DIES, IMAGE REVIVED: PAUL MCCARTNEY SUBLIMIMAL MESSAGES BACKWARD LYRICS, DEMON POSESSION CHRISTIANITY WENT DOWN CALLED THEMSELVES GOD ANTI-FAMILY ANTI-RELIGION JUST A POP BANDRead more

Topical List of Best Books to Re-Read Through Life

Sections: Scriptures Religious Doctrine Life of Joseph Smith Religion Manuals Religion & Temples in Antiquity End Times Prophecy Marriage & Parenting Education Government Conspiracy History Economics From the Reformation Classical Literature Poetry Science Nutrition Psychology Philosophy Scriptures: -The Holy Bible -The Book of Mormon -The Doctrine and Covenants -The Pearl of Great Price -Semi-Annual GeneralRead more

Lecture Notes on “Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017 is NOT what we thought” by Kevin Prince of the Gospel Lessons YouTube Channel

    Lecture notes based on this video: As usual see the full lecture for much more detail than is presented here! The September 23 Virgo sign in the sky happened just after the Jewish New year around September 22 1827 is the only other year where the Revelation 12 sign in the skyRead more

Lecture Notes: “Fasten your Seatbelts for the Second Coming v 2” by Followers of Jesus Christ YouTube Channel

Notes from Much more was said than are here in the notes so be sure to review the entire presentation!   Screenshot from the presentation: The 2017 solar eclipse was on a holy day which means it’s a sign from God The X can also significant signify a crossroads or a division Upon my houseRead more

Latter-day Saint Traditionalist University: Prominent Voices of Truth

Introductory Notes: *The following are traditionalist (not progressive) authors & teachers among the Latter-day Saints who have made significant contributions to the righteous education of the saints. *Some of these have written at length on the subjects they’re mentioned in, others are people in positions of authority who have made strong traditionalist statements in theRead more

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November 2020 Current Events: The Richardson Studies Gazette

  Parler Becomes Most Downloaded App As Conservative-Driven Revolt From Twitter Intensifies Lately, Republican social media users, who have been censored or de-platformed, have embarked on a great migration to a new platform, that is, Parler, bills itself as a Twitter rival with “an unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement.” — ZeroHedge NHSRead more

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1 Page Summary of Last Days Calendar

For details as to why I’ve placed events where I have, refer to the original full length calendar: —Seals are 1000-year periods of the Earth’s 7000-year temporal lifespan, as revealed in the D&C. 1st seal: 4000-3000BC (bible dictionary places Adam around 4000BC). 2nd seal: 3000-2000BC. 3rd seal: 2000-1000BC. 4th seal: 1000BC-0AD. 5th seal: 0-1000AD. ChristianRead more

October 2020 The Richardson Studies Gazette: Current Events & Analysis

EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child National File has obtained what a whistleblower has identified as a copy of the complete diary of Ashley Blazer Biden, the 39-year-old daughter of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, dating from during the 2020 presidential campaign. National File also knows the reportedRead more

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Apocalyptic Mentions of The 2020 October General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  Disclaimer: These are my notes and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I have selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, it is bias towardRead more

May 2020: The Richardson Studies Gazette: Current Events & Analysis

Deep State Profiles Coronavirus Protesters as Domestic Terrorists The deep state is demonizing protesters who are taking to the streets because their livelihoods are being destroyed as a domestic terrorist threat — Big League Politics Harvard professor wants to ban homeschooling because it’s ‘authoritarian’ .. “She is concerned with families having this power, while IRead more

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We Are 7th Seal Saints: Evidence & Responding to Critics

          I believe we are in the 7th seal. Come and see why President Nelson &  Seventies havethave reportedly told congregations thatwthat are in the 7th seal now, since about year 2000. (PS- where do you think Seventies get their information? The Prophet.) Heresay? Perhaps. But the following evidence is overwhelming.Read more

70+ Signatures & Many Stories: Dear President Worthen, Stop Teaching Evolution at BYU

I compiled and sent the following to BYU President Worthen June 15, 2020: President Worthen,  Please consider my story about evolution being taught at BYU, signatures of those who feel similarly, & stories of others as presented below. I am a 2019 BYU graduate. During my wonderful time at BYU, I took many science classesRead more

The Effects of Family of Origin on an Individual’s Attachment Preferences

The Effects of Family of Origin on an Individual’s Attachment Preferences Kourtney Hernandez, Katelyn Louder, Michael Kezele, Nate Richardson SFL 290 – Brigham Young University Professor Draper   Abstract   The family an individual is raised in can change their entire schema, perception, and trajectory of life. This study seeks to understand whether the sizeRead more

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The 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and how to Avoid Them by Randal A. Wright, PhD

The author is a long-time social scientist and church member who has worked teaching in the CES program.   Home environment Quality time The crossroads Family traditions Children’s friends Peer pressure Television Music Movies Parental example Expressing love verbally Physical affection Support Marriage Family fun Discipline Worldy heroes Teaching correct principles Human intimacy Steady datingRead more

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Emergency Preparedness: Basic Equipment List

Table of Contents: Documents Communication Electronics Finance Food Medical Security & Armory Shelter & Clothing Transportation   Documents   -passwords -passports -bank account numbers -key phone number & email & address contacts (don’t depend on social media as your only way to contact someone; use social media to collect needed contact info in case ofRead more

Baseline Rules for Righteous Parenting

DON’T:   -don’t inflict physical harm -don’t yell -don’t instill fear -don’t expect immediate obedience -don’t withhold meals & snacks -don’t isolate -don’t humiliate/ridicule/belittle/mock -don’t selectively enforce rules -don’t make threats & rules you aren’t willing to follow through on   DO:   -out of control children should be kept near a parent until theyRead more

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Joy: The Key to Learning

Here are ways to ensure that any training has joy at its center, so the learner remains motivated and rewarded for his efforts. We will look at just a few subjects:     Language: Teach speaking skills so some even if small communication can take place, long before details of grammar, conjugations, declensions, etc. areRead more

Homeschool Forums

-Large Family Homeschoolers (626 members) -Large Family Homeschoolers (another group, 38 members) -LDS Homeschooling & Unschooling of Northern Utah (201 members) -Utah County Homeschoolers (712 members) -Utah Homeschool Mentors (2,358 members) -Utah Homeschoolers Network (1,140 members) -Large families of 4+kids – Homeschooling (280 members) -Utah LDS Homeschoolers (634Read more

Educational Resources

Library Resources: -Online Liberty Library – free pdf etc. – – free public domain audiobooks – free public domain texts, movies, audiobooks (public domain PDF book downloads on many topics) – Free Online Courses from Top Universities (movies, eBooks, audiobooks, textbooks, language lessons, business courses, K-12 Ed, etc.) -DeseretRead more

Immodesty Related To Sexual Misconduct: Points the “Dress Doesn’t Matter” Feminists are Missing

Before you eat me alive and call me anti-scientific, let me assure you I’m familiar with the study showing that clothing worn by rape victims varies along the spectrum of immodest and modest alike. It is true, we can’t blame one woman for what she was wearing when she was raped. Rape is a crime.Read more